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Dev Squad Upgrade Their White Label WordPress Development Services

Leading custom software development company, Dev Squad, announce an upgrade to their range of WordPress development services to meet the needs of businesses across industries in the USA

The Dev Squad team has continued to work tirelessly to help small business owners, especially in the USA, leverage tech solutions to reach their target audience, improve productivity, and scale up revenues. In a related development, the tech solutions provider has again upgraded their white label WordPress development services in response to the growing and diverse needs of different categories of…

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WordPress Gutenberg 14.2 Offers Better User Experience

Gutenberg 14.2 is released and available for download. The latest version features user interface improvements including an easier workflow and performance improvements plus new header and footer blocks.

All of the new features are incremental improvements that together help to make Gutenberg a more polished and intuitive site editor.

Better User Experience

Smarter suggestions for Query Loop block variations

This improvement provides a smoother editing experience by only showing relevant Query Loop block patterns.

Improvements to Writing Flow

Gutenberg now features a more intuitive writing…

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Australia WordPress websites and WooCommerce eCommerce

We’re a leading web design company offering branding, web design, web development and digital marketing that deliver real results for our clients.

Creative, intelligent and useful design for organisations that make a difference

We’re a design studio that works on web, print, publications and brand identity projects
Understanding you
We’ll question everything making sure to explore every option, giving you a website strategy that’s been properly stress-tested.


Designing your user experience
We’ll design a fully custom web design that you’ll love…

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A Free WordPress Block Theme for Restaurants – WP Tavern

Molten is a new block theme from first-time theme author Paul Truong, designed for chefs and restaurateurs to showcase their work. The theme puts the spotlight on food photography offset with bold typography featuring the Playfair Display font for headings and Source Sans Pro for paragraph text.

Truong is working on setting up a marketing site for the theme so there is no demo at this time. One drawback is that it does not include any full-page patterns where you can quickly build a homepage or menu page without having to think about how the design should go…

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How To Create and Administrate a Business Website With WordPress – The Good Men Project

We all want a stellar website for our business, but we easily get discouraged by the difficulties of creating it.

Some of us are so overwhelmed as to give up on the idea, just because we don’t have experience with web design.

This post intends to change that. For starters, it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced user. There are enough software solutions to help you come up with a stunning website for your business, and the best among them is called WordPress.

Choose the perfect WordPress theme

The first decision to make on the WordPress platform is which template to…

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Best Security Plugins for WordPress site

Are you afraid of hackers? Do you want to secure your website? Yes, everyone wants to. We usually hire a security guard to protect our house. Likewise, a security system should be arranged for your WordPress site. All such things are critical in the life of website owners. Lets get started:

Reasons and Solutions

WordPress sites received 9k+ hacker attacks per minute. The number is too high due to the outdated website, weak passwords, and improper security systems. Besides data loss and website hacking, such attacks disturb website search engine optimization as well as website…

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New Prototype Runs WordPress in the Browser with No PHP Server – WP Tavern

Automattic-sponsored core contributor Adam Zielinski published a demo today of WordPress running in the browser with no PHP server. This is accomplished using WebAssembly (WASM), a format for a stack-based virtual machine that enables deployment on the web for client and server applications, and Emscripten, an open source compiler toolchain to WebAssembly. It’s not stable yet but the concept is intriguing, as it opens up a world of potential use cases.

image source: demo from wordpress-wasm repo

The project is available on GitHub and Zielinski briefly explained how it…

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How to create a simple WordPress Plugin?

1. What is WordPress Plugin?

If you’re the perfect newbie, WordPress plugins are just like the apps on your phone. Your phone already performs admirably, but you can use applications to give it new features. The same is true for the WordPress content management system (CMS). Although the WordPress platform is already highly sophisticated, plugins allow for greater functionality. For example, plugins let you add more features like e-commerce, SEO, spam prevention, enhanced forms, social media, greater security, live chat, visual page design, and more. There are a vast number of WordPress…

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How Law Firms Can Set Up Google Analytics for WordPress | Good2bSocial

[Author: Noreen Fishman]

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms among legal marketers. WordPress websites tend to be easier to create, simple to maintain, and provide a great user experience for visitors. However, in order to improve your lawyer web marketing efforts, it’s important to understand how people behave once they arrive at your pages. The best way to understand that information (and much more) is through Google Analytics. With a simple plugin, you can quickly install Google Analytics and begin collecting valuable data instantly. Here’s how to use Google Analytics…

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25 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes for Your Online Store [2022]

Studies show that you only have a split second to affect a customer’s perception of your website and whether they decide to stay or leave. You may have the best products and services on the market, but your customers won’t buy from you unless your website is user-friendly and accessible.

With eCommerce sales surging in the post-pandemic world, more and more businesses are moving their operations online. But what do all the leading WordPress-based eCommerce stores have in common? Their websites were all created with a theme that complements their brand aesthetic and user experience to…

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