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WordPress vs Wix vs Squarespace

Using a website builder for your business site can save you a huge amount of time and money. These platforms allow you to launch a professional website in hours and on a budget, where hiring a developer or web design agency might have previously cost thousands. Many also include an in-built hosting service and content management system that make updating and populating your site with content as easy as sending an email.

In this article, we provide a direct comparison of three major platforms. Pitting Wix vs WordPress vs Squarespace, we explore their respective features, customer support,…

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How to build a website with WordPress

Building your own website can help you preserve your profit margin as a small business owner. If you have more time than money, the good news is that these days, it’s relatively easy to build your own site from scratch. 

Nowadays, there are many platforms to help you build a website yourself, but WordPress is among the original website creation platforms and remains among the most well respected. In fact, it claims that 38 percent of all websites live today are run on it. 

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WordPress Auto-Update System Misfires, Updating Live Sites to an Alpha Release – WordPress Tavern

WordPress’ Core systems team had an eventful Friday when an error in the auto-update system caused sites to update to WordPress 5.5.3-alpha-49449, including live production sites with no auto-update constants defined.

Those who received an email about the update logged into their sites to see the message: “BETA TESTERS: This site is set up to install updates of future beta versions automatically.” 

Shaun Rieman…

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WordPress Patches 3-Year-Old High-Severity RCE Bug – Threatpost

In all, WordPress patched 10 security bugs as part of the release of version 5.5.2 of its web publishing software.

WordPress released a 5.5.2 update to its ubiquitous web publishing software platform. The update patches a high-severity bug, which could allow a remote unauthenticated attacker to take over a targeted website via a narrowly tailored denial-of-service attack.

In all, the WordPress Security and Maintenance Release tackled 10 security bugs and also brought a bevy of…

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Reflected XSS in WordPress v5.5.1 and Lower

Exploitation Level: Medium: requires some level of social engineering

DREAD Score: 6.8

Vulnerability: Reflected XSS

Patched Version: 5.5.2

WordPress released version 5.5.2 yesterday, which fixed a reflected XSS vulnerability we reported earlier this year. The root cause of this issue is a bug in the way WordPress determines a user’s current page, and which may cause a few other problems as well.

Are You Affected?

This vulnerability is exploitable on every WordPress site and user account. For the exploit to be successful, the attacker must trick an unsuspecting user into clicking on a malicious…

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Automatic WordPress plug-in update offers lesson in when to push patches

Pictured: Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress and founder of Automattic, the company behind (Josh Hallett, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

In an uncommon move, WordPress developers earlier this month automatically pushed an important security update for the popular Loginizer plug-in to roughly 1 million people, which caught some unsuspecting users off-guard in the process.

The decision, which was made to ensure a significant vulnerability didn’t wreak havoc, is one all software and app developers wrestle with themselves when…

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Log Into WordPress By Touch or Face ID Via the Passwordless WP Plugin – WordPress Tavern

Last week, WP Busters released its first plugin titled Passwordless WP. It is a project from full-stack developer Ilya Zolotov that allows end-users to log into their WordPress websites via Touch ID, Face ID, or pin. The goal is to make accessing a site easier and more secure.

Zolotov built the plugin after checking his email on a public database and finding old passwords. He said he now uses a safe browser for work purposes without extensions and scripts. He also said the millions of credentials stolen or compromised every year was a motivator for building the plugin.

“I like…

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Why WordPress admin notices matter (and how to manage them effectively)

Every time you log into the WordPress dashboard, you are probably greeted with a few message at the top of your screen. These messages are called WordPress admin notices. Contrary to what many WordPress users might think – that they’re an annoyance without an ‘off’ switch – they can be incredibly useful. At least, that is if you know how to manage them effectively.

If you’ve got a handle on WordPress admin notices, this usually means you’re organized when it comes to your website. This includes tasks such as components that need updating, dealing with errors, and even…

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WordPress: A Platform for Successful SEO

There is no sense in launching an online project if it cannot worthily engage in competition in its dedicated niche. Therefore, digital promotion is one of the key things to consider when creating an online product. If you want to get a good position in the search engine rankings, then you need to take the SEO side of the project seriously.

Fortunately, using WordPress gives you an edge as this CMS takes care of the basic SEO optimization from the outset. This is one of the many other reasons why many project managers, site owners,…

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WordPress Contributors Discuss Launching an Official Block Pattern Directory – WordPress Tavern

Block patterns were one of the most exciting and transformative features introduced in WordPress. 5.5, giving users a giant head start on building pages by allowing them to insert sets of pre-designed blocks. Core now includes a handful of default patterns available in the block inserter but contributors are exploring the idea of expanding this small selection into a full-blown pattern directory.

Alex Shiels opened a discussion on to get feedback on how it might be implemented. He suggested that the pattern directory would be similar to the block directory, minus…

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