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The 10 Best Free WordPress Themes of 2020

A website visitor takes just milliseconds to form an opinion of your site. Then, they decide to stay, giving you the opportunity to convince and convert. Or they click that back button and say goodbye.

That crucial first impression is formed on the basis of visual input: your website design. No matter how amazing your copy is, the deciding factor is how you present it.

Fortunately, having professional-looking website design is easier than ever. A multitude of WordPress themes is available for any conceivable purpose and industry.

But the quality, price,…

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Hackers Target 1.3 Mn WordPress Sites Steal Database Logins

Cybercriminals targeted around 1.3 million WordPress websites in a single day to steal database login credentials. It is found that hackers tried to steal config files by exploiting known XSS vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins and themes, according to a security alert issued by cybersecurity firm Wordfence.

The researchers stated that attackers tried to download the wp-config.php WordPress configuration file which contains connection details, authentication unique keys, and salts along with database credentials. In case attackers successfully exploited any vulnerable…

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Attackers tried to grab WordPress configuration files from over a million sites

A threat actor that attempted to insert a backdoor into nearly a million WordPress-based sites in early May (and continued to try throughout the month), tried to grab WordPress configuration files of 1.3 million sites at the end on the same month.

In both cases, the threat actor tried to exploit old vulnerabilities in outdated WordPress plugins and themes.

The latest attacks

“The previously reported XSS campaigns sent attacks from over 20,000 different IP addresses. The new campaign is using the same IP addresses, which accounted for the majority of the attacks and sites…

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Blockify the WordPress Dashboard with the Mission Ctrl Plugin – WordPress Tavern

Nick Hamze makes it no secret that he loves the WordPress block system. He has spearheaded several unique blocks on the fun side of things as well as made more practical blocks through his Sorta Brilliant brand. It is his website for funding ideas for the block editor. For his most recent project, he has taken blocks outside of the post-editing screen, and this project is, well, sorta brilliant too.

Mission Ctrl is a WordPress plugin that blockifies the WordPress dashboard screen. The plugin allows users, developers, agencies, or even hosts set up the dashboard with custom widgets…

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Hackers tried to steal database logins from 1.3M WordPress sites

A large scale attack targeted hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites over the course of 24 hours, attempting to harvest database credentials by stealing config files after abusing known XSS vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins and themes.

“Between May 29 and May 31, 2020, the Wordfence Firewall blocked over 130 million attacks intended to harvest database credentials from 1.3 million sites by downloading their configuration files,” Wordfence QA engineer and threat analyst Ram Gall said.

“The peak of this attack campaign occurred on May 30, 2020. At this point, attacks from this…

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What You Should Know About WordPress

pixelcreatures / Pixabay

A website is a must-have asset for all businesses and I have recently received a lot of questions about WordPress and it’s benefits. It is my #1 recommendation for a website platform and I am not alone. In fact, according to information compiled by W3techs, WordPress is the most used CMS with a 61.8% market share. So why is WordPress so popular and what are some basics YOU need to know?

Before we get started, let’s address the difference between and

The key difference is who’s actually hosting your website. With, you…

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WordPress Security Updates (Complete Guide)

Wondering how to implement security updates on your WordPress website safely?

Security updates are extremely important. Delay in implementing updates can cause your website to be hacked. But a lot of times updates can cause compatibility issues that can break your website.

It’s a catch-22 situation.

Luckily, there is a way to update your site without breaking it. All you need to do is use a staging site to test the updates and then implement them on the live site.

In this article, we’ll walk you through every step in the process of how to update your website safely.


To update your…

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Attackers Target 1M+ WordPress Sites To Harvest Database Credentials – Threatpost

An attack over the weekend unsuccessfully targeted 1.3 million WordPress websites, in attempts to download their configuration files and harvest database credentials.

Attackers were spotted targeting over one million WordPress websites in a campaign over the weekend. The campaign unsuccessfully attempted to exploit old cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins and themes, with the goal of harvesting database credentials.

The attacks were aiming to download wp-config.php, a file critical to all WordPress installations. The file is located in the root of WordPress…

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Large-scale attack tries to steal configuration files from WordPress sites

Image: ZDNet, WordPress

Hackers have launched a massive campaign against WordPress websites over the past weekend, attacking old vulnerabilities in unpatched plugins to download configuration files from WordPress sites.

The goal of the attack was to use old exploits to download or export wp-config.php files from unpatched websites, extract database credentials, and then use the…

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Stop Website Spam With These 4 WordPress Plugins

Today I have some WordPress security plugins to help you improve the performance and safety of your website.

Installing the latest security plugins on your WordPress website will help protect you from brute force attacks and spam. With so many outside sources trying to break in now is a good time to get started. Is your website vulnerable to unwelcome logins and malware? Use these reliable and free WordPress plugins, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Cloud spam protection – CleanTalk

Stop hackers from coming into your website with this reliable security plugin. CleanTalk does not…

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