Recreating the Music Artist WordPress Theme Homepage With the Block Editor – WordPress Tavern

One of my favorite activities each week is to peruse the latest themes to land in the WordPress theme directory. Often, there are intriguing design concepts. However, much of the time, I am disappointed to learn that homepage designs of many rely on theme options instead of the block editor.

While the editor has several design limitations, theme authors have tons of room to explore. It has enough power to pull off some of these custom homepage designs with far less code work.

Music Artist was one of the latest themes to catch my eye. I loved the large hero area and several…

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WordPress 5.7 offers ‘one-click’ HTTP to HTTPS site upgrade feature

Pain relief for mixed-content headaches goes mainstream next week

An upcoming upgrade to WordPress will make it much easier for website owners to upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS.

WordPress 5.7 – currently available as a beta release and due to go mainstream on March 9 – promises to make the formerly tricky business of migration to a secure instance of the content management systems (CMS) a one-step process, as the WordPress core development team explains:

Switching a WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS has proven to be a pain for all involved. While on…

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WordPress site 101: Free and low-cost tools to build a powerful web presence

We’ve been running a series of articles here on ZDNet about setting up and running websites. With so much change going on in the world, it’s more important than ever to have a compelling web presence.

Also: How to build a website: What you need to get started

In this article, we’re going to look at all of the components that go into creating and maintaining an actively updated, mid-level website. What I mean by mid-level is that it’s not a one-page brochure site, but it’s also not a major site on the scale of ZDNet or CNET….

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WordPress Releases Reusable Blocks, Drupal Updates Its Readiness Initiatives, & More News


WordPress is at it again, launching a new feature in the WordPress block editor. The feature called reusable blocks, allows users to start building something and then save it for later. These reusable blocks can be edited in one place and enable users to reuse snippets of texts across posts and pages, save and reuse complex layouts, and edit things in one place. 

Unlike templates, these blocks are snippets of globally synchronized content that can be reused and inserted into any page you want. Plus, you can use the reusable blocks to structure your content. If…

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Editor Plus 2.6 Adds Block Pattern and Template Library – WordPress Tavern

A couple of weeks ago, Munir Kamal released version 2.6 of his Editor Plus WordPress plugin. The latest version does not add a slew of features as its users have seen in the past. However, it introduces one major upgrade. The new version lets users insert templates from Gutenberg Hub’s growing library directly from the block editor.

I first asked Kamal whether he would include a template inserter in his plugin in July 2020. “I will possibly include a direct inserter for templates and blocks in the Editor Plus plugin,” he said at the time, not giving away too much.

He had…

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Elementor Raises Eyebrows with Google Ads Targeting Full-Site Editing – WordPress Tavern

WordPress’ growing market share is fueling a continual influx of new users but also a higher level of scrutiny around advertising. Companies with large advertising budgets target this segment of consumers, because many who are new to WordPress need help hosting and creating their websites.

Last week Bluehost pulled an advertisement that misused WordPress’ trademark. The company’s PR department has not responded to our request for comment, but onlookers have noted that this isn’t the first time Bluehost has floated questionable ads. Multiple Facebook campaigns, dating back…

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What Are WordPress Plugins?

If you’re new to WordPress (WP), you might be wondering how everyone adds those nifty features and functions to their pages. Some might have turned their WP pages into a fully functioning e-commerce store, while others may have a job board or forum going on in…

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WordPress Out of Touch with Publisher Needs?

Web publishing is trending toward providing a quality user experience to site visitors. These goals are embodied in Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics that measure important user experience metrics. But the WordPress coding ecosystem does not appear to have addressed those concerns.

WordPress doesn’t seem aware of the what publishers need in terms of better user experience. As a consequence the WordPress development community appears to have no plans for giving publishers what they need.

A WordPress publisher opened a support thread asking why their WordPress site scored so low for Core…

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The Gutenberg WordPress Plugin To Introduce a Table of Contents Block – WordPress Tavern

What was once likely viewed as plugin territory is now a reality as part of the Gutenberg project. Yesterday, the team merged a pull request for a Table of Contents (TOC) block into the plugin’s codebase. It was a contribution driven by developer Zebulan Stanphill, starting nearly a year ago.

The TOC block may feel a bit niche. However, there is obviously a need for it. There are at least two standalone block plugins to handle the feature, and several block library plugins cover it. Last week, a reader asked about such a solution. Soon, the Gutenberg plugin and, eventually,…

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Build a Full WordPress Site via Block Patterns With the Hansen Theme – WordPress Tavern

Earlier today, the WordPress theme directory welcomed its fourth block-based theme. Built by UXL Themes, Hansen is one of the more stylish projects capable of working with the site editor in the Gutenberg plugin. The theme author also stepped it up a notch and included several block patterns.

I have written about how patterns will be a game-changer. I have talked about the need for a UI overhaul to better expose them to users. And I have proposed that theme authors use the pattern system instead of templates, allowing users to build out full sections of their sites at the click…

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