15 Discount and Promo Plugins for WordPress

Everybody loves a deal. Promotional discounts and coupons can motivate shoppers. WordPress merchants can easily add a variety of promotional plugins with little or no added cost.

Here is a list of discount and promotional plugins for WordPress. There are plugins for coupons, sales timers, sign-up codes, deal wheels, gift cards, and more. Most plugins listed are free, though many offer premium options.

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Promo Plugins


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10 Awesome WordPress Plugins (2022 updated)

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It’s amazing what one or more plugins can do for your website design and for your business. There’s a ton of them available for WordPress users.

A “ton” of cool WordPress plugins may sound like a lot, and it is. Unless you know where to look and what you should be looking for. Finding one or more you would benefit from can be a challenge. You might be better off reading the reviews or simply leaving everything up to the experts.

One or…

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Success Tech Service Announces to WordPress Website Owners Beware of Malicious Code

Scammers Are Taking Advantage of WordPress Tools to Hawk Their Scams

Researchers at Sucuri, a security firm owned by GoDaddy, discovered that websites built with WordPress tools had been hacked and were being used to redirect visitors to the same content with sketchy “resources” or ads.

Researchers at Sucuri, a security firm owned by GoDaddy, discovered that websites built with WordPress tools had been hacked and were being used to redirect visitors to the same content with sketchy “resources” or ads.

The malicious code was designed to redirect visitors to malicious websites…

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WordPress Turns 19 – WP Tavern

Today marks 19 years since 19-year old Matt Mullenweg partnered with Mike Little to release the first version of WordPress based on the b2/cafelog software. The blog where he shared his thoughts on life and tech was starting to get more traffic and he wanted to ensure its future after the b2/cafelog’s main developer disappeared.

Mullenweg had the vision for what WordPress should be, even before it had a name. It centered on extensibility, a hallmark feature that has made the platform as popular as it is today:

What should it do? Well, it would be nice to have the flexibility of…

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WordPress.com Announces New Starter Plan For $5/Month – WP Tavern

WordPress.com announced a new “Starter” plan today for customers that bridges the pricing gap between the free plan and its $15/month Pro plan. The Starter plan is $5/month and includes a custom domain name, along with 6GB storage, and the ability to use payment collection blocks (Donations Form, Premium Content, and Payment Button).

WordPress.com Pricing – 5/25/2022

When WordPress.com rolled out major, unannounced pricing changes on April 1, slashing free storage limits, users took to the forums to express their profound disappointment in the controversial update and the…

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Open Source Initiative Launches News Blog on WordPress – WP Tavern

The Open Source Initiative (OSI), a public benefit corporation and steward of the Open Source Definition, has launched a news blog on WordPress. In 2021, OSI’s board appointed Stefano Maffulli as its first Executive Director, and he is leading the organization in overhauling its web presence.

“One of the main objectives for OSI in 2022 is to reinforce our communication channels,” Maffulli said. “We’re improving the perception of OSI as a reliable, trustworthy organization. The OSI didn’t have a regular publishing schedule before, nor a content plan. Now we have established…

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How to Install WordPress on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Server

Learn the steps to install WordPress CMS on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy JellyFish using LAMP server- Apache, MariaDB, and PHP.

If you want to run your blog, you will quickly come across WordPress software. What WordPress is and what possibilities it offers, we will tell you in this practical tip.

WordPress is the world’s most popular software that allows you to create a website. The special thing about it is that you have an innovative interface at your disposal.

Its plugin system is an additional feature for WordPress. There are thousands of free and also paid plugins. With a plugin, you…

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WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” Adds More Templates and Patterns, Style Switching, and Block Locking UI – WP Tavern

WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” was released today, named for Latin jazz musician and director Arturo O’Farrill, who has 15 albums to his credit.

Check out the official release video for a quick overview of some of the most important changes.

This release introduces sweeping improvements to the block editor and its utilities and design tools. Most notably, users can now select text across multiple blocks, manipulating the highlighted portion as a group while keeping the rest of the content blocks in tact.

image credit:

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5 WordPress Themes for Building a Modern E-Commerce Store

Starting an e-commerce store? If you’ve decided to use WordPress, great choice! It provides a solid, reliable, and scalable platform for e-commerce.

The next question you’ll probably have, though, is what theme to use. Try this selection of five great themes for your next e-commerce project.

Storefront is a WordPress theme that is purpose-built to work with WooCommerce. This is an important detail because plugins and themes from different creators don’t always work well together.

Considering how complex e-commerce websites can get, it’s a smart…

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New Video Explores Site Building Progress From WordPress 5.0 to 6.0 – WP Tavern

Do you remember what it was like to use WordPress 5.0? Three years and ten major releases have radically changed the site building experience, but it’s not always easy to see recognize when focused on some of the smaller, iterative changes that slowly add up. Anne McCarthy, WordPress product liaison at Automattic and co-release coordinator for 6.0, has created a short 13-minute video that shows the immense amount of progress contributors have made on site building features.

McCarthy takes viewers back in time to…

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