PayPal phishing kit added to hacked WordPress sites for full ID theft

A newly discovered phishing kit targeting PayPal users is trying to steal a large set of personal information from victims that includes government identification documents and photos.

Over 400 million individuals and companies are using PayPal as an online payment solution.

The kit is hosted on legitimate WordPress websites that have been hacked, which allows it to evade detection to a certain degree.

Breaching websites with weak login

Researchers at internet technology company Akamai found the phishing kit after the threat actor planted it on their WordPress honeypot.

The threat actor…

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WordPress Performance Team Proposes Adding Persistent Object Cache and Full Page Cache to Site Health Checks – WP Tavern

In the near future, WordPress may be able to provide better caching recommendations for site owners. Performance team contributors are proposing two new Site Health checks for Persistent Object Cache and Full Page Cache. The modules have been tested inside the Performance Lab plugin and version 1.2.0 has them both in a state the team says is ready for merging into core.

Here is an example of what users might see on the Site Health screen if page caching is not detected:

The modules are extensible so hosting companies and developers can further customize the output that users…

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SEO: WordPress Plugins to Surface Older Posts

A challenge of optimizing a blog for organic search is that older articles fade into the archives. The result is fewer internal links to that dated content and a gradual loss of rankings.

Luckily for WordPress users, there are plugins that facilitate internal links no matter the post’s age, solving the problem.

What follows are my favorite WordPress plugins to surface older content. The list is deliberately short, as I prefer minimizing installed plugins. I’ve focused on scalable internal linking strategies:

  • Related posts,
  • Popular posts,
  • Contextual linking,
  • Internal…

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WordPress Themes Team Contributors Get Pushback on Proposal to Improve Block Themes’ Visibility in the Directory – WP Tavern

Seven weeks ago, WordPress Theme Team contributors proposed several ideas for improving block themes’ visibility on These included the possibility of changing the popular themes algorithm to more prominently feature block themes, and/or adding a new “Block” menu item next to Popular and Latest on the themes directory home page.

The directory is going through some growing pains as themes that are compatible with the site editor are the only ones that offer access to everything WordPress has to offer in the new paradigm of blocks. Yet, the 94 available block themes…

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Infected WordPress Site Reveals Malicious C&C Script

Bitcoin prices are down 60% year to date, trading far from the all-time highs of $69,000 seen last November. Some altcoins have plummeted even farther in value, with digital currencies collapsing in value in the past six months.

DevOps Connect:DevSecOps @ RSAC 2022

While we can collectively agree that cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile and currently on a downward trajectory – this hasn’t completely deterred attackers from trying to exploit compromised websites and servers to mine for them.

Cryptomining infections accounted for less than 4% of total detections last year.

Continue reading Infected WordPress Site…

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Participate in our WordPress security survey and win

Today we are launching our very first WordPress security survey. The aim of this survey is to understand how WordPress administrators and owners view and manage basic security tasks on their WordPress websites. While we have carried out surveys in the past, this survey is perhaps more ambitious than what we have previously done.

What’s in it for you?

We have designed this survey with our customers and the WordPress community in mind. While security remains an important topic, it is often seen as a black box with no easy way to understand whether your efforts go the distance.

We also…

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WordPress Preferred by 64.2% of SEO Experts, Competitors See Market Shares Diminish / Digital Information World

Web developers need to use a variety of tools to host their sites in a reliable way, and content management systems help them to streamline the addition of content to their particular webpage. WordPress has seen its market dominance soar both in the web hosting sector as well as in the content management niche, and with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that 64.2% of sites use WordPress to manage their content.

This begs the question of what, if any, service providers are managing to compete with the juggernaut in the market. Shopify managed to get…

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Fastest WordPress Hosting Results Announced for 2022

July 11, 2022 – Los Angeles, CA – has announced its testing results for the Fastest WordPress Hosting in 2022.  Seven web hosting companies are being recognized for their website speed and page loading performance.  To see the complete testing results and details, please visit

WordPress continues to grow in popularity as a website platform—now accounting for over 40% of all sites on the internet.  Because speed is such a critical factor for the success or failure of a website, many web hosting companies now…

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10Web Launches an End-to-End Website Optimization Service for WordPress


10Web, a startup that automates website hosting, PageSpeed and website building with AI, just launched its new service – the 10Web Booster, which lets users optimize their websites on any hosting for 90+ PageSpeed scores with complete frontend and backend optimization.

10Web Booster

10Web Booster

10Web Booster

NEWARK, Del., July 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 10Web, a startup that automates website hosting, PageSpeed and website building with AI, just launched its new service – the 10Web Booster, which lets users optimize their websites on any hosting for 90+ PageSpeed scores with complete frontend…

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6 Best WordPress Review Plugins For 2022

If you want to increase traffic to your WordPress site, boost your SEO, or bring in more sales from your WooCommerce products, you will benefit from installing a WordPress review plugin on your website.

By having reviews for your services or products and increasing social proof, you’re more likely to draw new customers to your business and retain existing ones.

Reviews are one of the most powerful sources of marketing and the best part is, they’re also free!

Collecting reviews from your customers and clients is also a great source of feedback.

This will allow you to make changes and…

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