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With much of Nigeria’s business transactions increasing moving online, it has become more important than ever for a business to have a web presence in the form of a website. Whilst there are hundreds of millions of websites active on the web today, it has become very difficult to stand out from the crowd. One way to be found is making use of specialized hosting solutions like WordPress Hosting.

What is WordPress Hosting?

Essentially, it is a specialized web hosting environment that is optimized to run efficiently for websites that are powered by WordPress. It is a…

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WordPress Hosting: 4 Advantages – TECH dot AFRICA

Why WordPress Hosting?

Whilst being priced at premium rates, WordPress Hosting usually delivers real value due to the entire setup.

  • Fast storage: one of the biggest components of an efficient WordPress Hosting environment is ultra-fast storage. This is usually powered by SSD storage arrays to deliver the very fastest response possible.
  • Automatic updates: there’s no gainsaying in the fact that security has become very essential to surviving on the internet today. One way of being secured is ensuring that all WordPress themes and plugins are routinely updated to the very latest versions…

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How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for SEO

Your WordPress theme encapsulates your brand’s aura and helps provide a good user experience. But people often forget about the search engine optimization (SEO) aspect of it.

A WordPress theme that isn’t SEO-friendly (or worse, is bloated and slow) can be a real hindrance in the fiercely competitive battle to land on top of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

And since higher rankings can drive more organic traffic, leads, and revenue — this is one element you really want to get right.

In this guide, you’ll learn what an SEO-friendly theme is, what you should consider when…

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How to Create a Successful Dropshipping Website with WordPress

WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla

We’re here to investigate the battle of WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla. The best website builders are designed to be beginner-friendly, easy to use, and packed with features to help you showcase your work or build a new site. However, sometimes you may want a little more power than the average website builder offers, which is where content management systems (CMS) come into the equation. 

In our WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla comparison, we line up the world’s three most popular CMS platforms. By comparing their main features, performance, support, and prices, we aim to provide you with…

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CrUX CWV Scores Show a Clear Winner

Google engineer Rick Viscomi tweeted that the Core Web Vitals Technology Report was updated to include July 2021 data from CrUX and HTTPArchive. The data showed how much WordPress and Wix continue to improve in all three Core Web Vitals metrics, FID, LCP and CLS.

There can only be one winner this month.

CrUX Data

CrUX stands for the Chrome User Experience report. It is a report of actual user experience and is where the core web vitals (CWV) information comes from.

The data is collected from Chrome browsers that have opted into contributing their information.

This information is what is called…

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Emoji Toolbar Plugin Brings an Emoji Picker Back to the WordPress Editor – WP Tavern

Earlier today, theme.es released its Emoji Toolbar project to the plugin directory. It is a simple picker that integrates with the WordPress Rich Text toolbar, allowing users to insert emoji directly from the editor interface.

After Nick Hamze pulled his Emoji Conbini plugin from WordPress.org last year, there has been an emoji-sized hole in my editor toolbox. The plugin was the perfect implementation for quickly plopping a quick smiley face or any of the other thousands of characters available. Unfortunately, his departure from the WordPress space meant losing one of my favorite…

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How to Start a WordPress Blog in 8 Clicks ✍ – TechAcute

Do you want to start your own blog? That’s always a good thing, but it’s not easy to find your way around at first. However, things are a lot easier nowadays, and with great platforms, you can start in a few simple clicks without paying anything at all. There are some good blogging tools, but WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS). In this guide, I want to show you how you can start your own WordPress blog for free in just a few clicks and less than a minute if you’re fast.

WordPress can either be hosted on your own server, but beware of security…

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WordPress vs Squarespace: which is best for you?

WordPress vs Squarespace! Which is the right web builder for your needs? Trying to select the best website builder for your new website or portfolio can seem like an impossible task, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in the field. There are countless high-quality options available, and they all have their own selling points and use cases. 

In our WordPress vs Squarespace comparison, we take a close look at two of the world’s most popular portfolio building options. But before we start, it’s important to understand the fundamental differences between the two. 

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How To Get The Best Hosting For WordPress Blog?

People spend hours, days, and even weeks deciding which theme or plugin to use on their WordPress blog. 

Domain names are also extremely thought out.

Dollars are dished out with ease to get the perfectly designed logo. And you’d surely not hesitate in giving time to decisions relating to SEO, content marketing, and more. 

But one of the most ignored aspects of a successful WordPress blog is hosting. 

If you don’t want to just pick any random WordPress hosting now and regret it later, read this guide till the end.

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