WordPress Preferred by 64.2% of SEO Experts, Competitors See Market Shares Diminish / Digital Information World

Web developers need to use a variety of tools to host their sites in a reliable way, and content management systems help them to streamline the addition of content to their particular webpage. WordPress has seen its market dominance soar both in the web hosting sector as well as in the content management niche, and with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that 64.2% of sites use WordPress to manage their content.

This begs the question of what, if any, service providers are managing to compete with the juggernaut in the market. Shopify managed to get…

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Fastest WordPress Hosting Results Announced for 2022

July 11, 2022 – Los Angeles, CA – WebHostingCat.com has announced its testing results for the Fastest WordPress Hosting in 2022.  Seven web hosting companies are being recognized for their website speed and page loading performance.  To see the complete testing results and details, please visit https://webhostingcat.com/fastest-wordpress-hosting/.

WordPress continues to grow in popularity as a website platform—now accounting for over 40% of all sites on the internet.  Because speed is such a critical factor for the success or failure of a website, many web hosting companies now…

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10Web Launches an End-to-End Website Optimization Service for WordPress


10Web, a startup that automates website hosting, PageSpeed and website building with AI, just launched its new service – the 10Web Booster, which lets users optimize their websites on any hosting for 90+ PageSpeed scores with complete frontend and backend optimization.

10Web Booster

10Web Booster

10Web Booster

NEWARK, Del., July 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 10Web, a startup that automates website hosting, PageSpeed and website building with AI, just launched its new service – the 10Web Booster, which lets users optimize their websites on any hosting for 90+ PageSpeed scores with complete frontend…

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6 Best WordPress Review Plugins For 2022

If you want to increase traffic to your WordPress site, boost your SEO, or bring in more sales from your WooCommerce products, you will benefit from installing a WordPress review plugin on your website.

By having reviews for your services or products and increasing social proof, you’re more likely to draw new customers to your business and retain existing ones.

Reviews are one of the most powerful sources of marketing and the best part is, they’re also free!

Collecting reviews from your customers and clients is also a great source of feedback.

This will allow you to make changes and…

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ADA Handpicks Best WordPress Development Companies

App Development Agency steps in and lays down the rules on finding Top WordPress Companies; the latest list is out for review!

UNITED STATES, July 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — ADA picked the 10 best WordPress Development Agencies that create flexible websites based on the most popular Open Source CMS – WordPress. They make customized plug-ins to this framework, which allows them to adapt well to their website content. They base every website on the individual needs of the client. This ensures that every module that they produce is functional and easy…

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How to embed videos into your WordPress website

Adding video to your WordPress website is a great way to engage your visitors and add another dimension to your content. 

Luckily, WordPress makes it easy to embed videos from popular video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. This article will show you how to embed videos in WordPress.

The evolution of hosting a video on WordPress

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Global WordPress Site Management Software Market Trends By Types And Application, Forecast Analysis Till 2030 – Designer Women

Decision Foresight is working on new industry report named, “Global WordPress Site Management Software Market 2020-2030″. WordPress Site Management Software Market held USD XXX million in 2021 and is to grow with a CAGR of XXX from 2022-2030.

The Decision Foresight is dedicated to provide you with an in-depth analysis of the various market based on its verticals, manufacturing process, products types, applications, end-users and regional analysis which further bifurcated into country level study. The study we provide covered the insightful data about all the channels related to your…

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Matt Mullenweg thinks Tumblr can be a better Twitter than Twitter ever was – TechCrunch

Welcome Back to Found, the TechCrunch podcast where we get the stories behind the startups.

It’s rare we get to speak to someone who has been working at their company for 19 years so this conversation with Matt Mullenweg of Automattic and WordPress feels a little special. His journey to becoming a founder was grounded in a love for blogging and working on open source projects. Now WordPress is pretty much ubiquitous in the digital publishing world. While he was working on building WordPress into an undeniable force, parent-company Automattic has made strategic…

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Top 5 Most Common WordPress Malware Infections: An Anatomy Lesson

WordPress security is serious business – and an essential consideration for anyone using the world’s most popular CMS (Content Management System).  

DevOps Connect:DevSecOps @ RSAC 2022

While the WordPress team quickly addresses known security issues in WordPress’ core to protect the millions of website owners who rely and depend on the software, the reality is that the same cannot be said for all plugin and theme developers.  

The added customization benefits that WordPress’ extensibility brings also comes with a steady stream of attacks exploiting a wide range of vulnerabilities.

Continue reading Top 5…

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WordPress Themes Team Releases New Plugin for Creating Block Themes – WP Tavern

photo credit: Artsy Crafty

Two weeks ago, WordPress theme author Rich Tabor tweeted, “Even with my theme developer hat on, I’m finding it easier and easier to create block themes ~ within ~ WordPress. I’m positive one day (soon) this will be the norm.”

It looks like that day has arrived sooner than expected, as Automattic has had a team working on this capability for awhile. Today, a group of eight full-time sponsored Themes Team contributors released a plugin called Create Block Theme that can create standalone block themes and child themes inside the WordPress…

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