WordPress SEO Without an SEO Plugin

I optimize some of my WordPress sites without an SEO plugin because often, they simply have more features than I need for certain projects.

In this column, you’ll learn how to do WordPress SEO without an SEO plugin.

This is not intended to persuade you to not use one, but to show you how to take full control of your SEO without a plugin if you so choose.

SEO Plugins Are Useful

SEO plugins are recommended solutions for publishers who cannot code PHP, who are lost with HTACCESS files, and for those to whom robots.txt files are a mystery.

The technical side of SEO has a relatively high bar in…

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Critical WordPress plugin zero-day under active exploitation

Threat actors are scanning for sites running the Fancy Product Designer plugin to exploit a zero-day bug allowing them to upload malware.

Fancy Product Designer is a visual product configurator plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify, and it allows customers to customize products using their own graphics and content.

According to sales statistics for the plugin, Fancy Product Designer has been sold and installed on more than 17,000 websites.

Zero-day also impacts WooCommerce sites

Zero-days are publicly disclosed vulnerabilities vendors haven’t patched, which, in some cases, are…

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Top 10 WordPress website maintenance tips

A newly installed WordPress site feels so good. No speed issues, no plugin conflict, no errors, no problems at all. You are exhilarated, and you can’t wait to see thousands of readers on your website every week.

Few months down the line, your seemingly perfect site begins to struggle. Speed might become a problem, some plugin or theme updates might create some technical problems, someone from your team makes a mistake, and much more! What happened?

Well, everything in the world needs maintenance and your WordPress site isn’t an exception. If you maintain your website properly, it…

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Registration Is Open for WP Engine Summit/2021, WordPress’ Premier Event

AUSTIN, Texas–()–WP Engine, the WordPress technology company, announced registration is open for its signature event, Summit/2021. Now in its sixth year, this premiere global conference for developers and marketers will be a digital event on June 24th, featuring engaging content and dynamic expert speakers with a mix of live-streamed and on-demand content, including online networking opportunities. Keynoting Summit/2021 will be Reshma Saujani—founder & CEO of Girls Who Code and the Marshall Plan for Moms as well an attorney, author, Congressional candidate, social…

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Breaking Down WPMarmite’s 127-Shop Full Site Editing Study – WordPress Tavern

Earlier today, the WPMarmite team released a massive study of 127 WordPress theme shops. It primarily focused on integration with the block editor. The team also surveyed 22 of the shops directly to dive deeper into what the future might look like when the Full Site Editing (FSE) project is entirely bundled into the core platform, which could be around the WordPress 5.9 release in late 2021.

FSE is not a single thing that WordPress will drop on users all at once. It is an ongoing project with several independent but related components that will ship based on their readiness. The…

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The Automattic Theme Team Announces Blockbase, Its New Block Parent Theme – WordPress Tavern

Blockbase WordPress theme as seen from the site editor.

Any WordPress company that builds and maintains themes worth its salt is already doing at least some preliminary work as WordPress inches ever closer to bundling its upcoming block theme system. Automattic’s Theme Team is no exception. Ben Dwyer announced the team’s new Blockbase parent theme on the Theme Shaper blog yesterday. It includes support for global styles and block templating.

The theme is based on the classic, block-editor-ready Blank Canvas project that Automattic launched in January. Until a few days ago, it…

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The 7 Best Membership Plugins for WordPress

Creating a website from scratch has never been easy without proper coding knowledge. With WordPress, even non-techies can now create great websites without writing a single line of code. However, selecting the right plugins is also essential when building a…

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WordPress compromises: What’s beyond the URL?

One of the many tricks in the modern cybercriminal miscreant’s toolbox is using compromised websites to evade spam filters and domain reputation systems. Whether hiding a web-based exploit or just getting a free ride on the reputation of otherwise legitimate domains, using an existing domain name has multiple benefits – and that’s not even taking into account the fact that stealing someone else’s domain is cheaper than buying one. In this article we’ll take a look beyond the URL of a compromised WordPress website to provide some insight into what goes on once a website has been…

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