WordFest Live to Host Free 24-Hour Festival of WordPress March 4, 2022 – WP Tavern

The third edition of WordFest Live is coming up on March 4, 2022. The online event will feature more than 60 sessions over the course of 24 hours, as well as workshops, socials, and celebrations.

Sessions will be focused on WordPress, remote working, and mental wellbeing. Topics include leadership, freelancing, website performance, podcasting, WooCommerce, dealing with mental disorders in tech, work/life balance, stress and anxiety, and more.

Although WordFest was created by experienced WordCamp organizers, it is not an event that falls under the official WordCamp Central…

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Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builders

Thanks to drag and drop page builders, you can create and customize a fully-functioning WordPress CMS website without knowing how to code. We will reveal some of the best drag and drop builders for web designers and website owners, so you can start putting together your site today.

Why Should I Use a WordPress Drag And Drop Page Builder?

In general, WordPress makes it fairly easy to build a website, but some users may find that it comes up short when customizing page layouts. Sure, you can find WordPress themes loaded with pre-existing page layouts, but what if you want to tweak them to…

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What Is the AnonymousFox Hack and How Does It Infect Websites?

As a website owner, getting your site hacked can be your worst nightmare. While a large number of sites are considered safe because they rely on WordPress, that doesn’t mean they’re not prone to attack by hackers. In fact, many are being targeted by a widespread WordPress vulnerability known as the AnonymousFox, which targets the system files by exploiting vulnerable plugins to gain unauthorized access.

So, what is this incognito hack, and how does it attack? What type of damage can it inflict on your website and on your visitors?

What Is the AnonymousFox?

True to its name,…

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Top 3 WordPress Plugins by AYS Pro for Designing Quiz, Surveys and Polls

Plugins are the powerhouse of WordPress CMS that allows added functionality to your website and enables you to maximize the user experience on your website. However, in the growing ecosystem, where thousands of websites and plugins are built everyday, it has become very difficult to navigate through the right plugins amidst a sea of options.

We too faced a similar issue a few weeks ago when we were looking to incorporate additional functionalities including Quizzes, Polls, and Surveys on our website. On browsing through several options, we stumbled upon AYS pro.

AYS Pro was launched in…

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How to Fix the specialadves WordPress Redirect Hack

Attackers are regularly exploiting vulnerable plugins to compromise WordPress websites and redirect visitors to spam and scam websites. This has been an ongoing campaign for multiple years. Payload domains are regularly swapped out and updated, but the objective remains largely the same: trick unsuspecting users into clicking on malicious links to propagate adware and push bogus advertisements onto victim’s desktops.

The most recent variation of this WordPress hack involves the following domain:


If your website is redirecting visitors to pages that look something…

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5 WordPress plugins for e-commerce

Image: iStockphoto.com/enzozo

It doesn’t take long to run into a WordPress-powered website these days. They are everywhere. Why? Because WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to deploy, use and manage. On top of that, the plugin market for WordPress is filled to capacity with outstanding additions to help turn your WordPress site into something special.

Case in point: e-commerce. You’ll find plenty of plugins to evolve your WordPress site into a home for you to sell products, services and subscriptions. These plugins are almost always easy to install and use. To make…

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New Elementor Cloud Website tool lets web creators build WordPress websites faster

Creating a WordPress website requires the technicality of finding a reliable web hosting provider, choosing a compatible domain name, and picking a powerful website builder. 

There is a steep learning curve for newbies and a tedious workflow even for veterans. Beyond the sheer technical challenge of getting started with a WordPress site, there are a number of financial factors that add a layer to this already complex process. 

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Scalable WordPress Hosting Platform Convesio Raises $5M Funding

The investment will enable Convesio to accelerate development of its unique Docker-based solution.

NAPLES, FL – February 22, 2022 – The round of funding was secured from a select group of private investors and follows Convesio’s crowdfunding round in 2019, which raised over $1M from 800+ individual investors.


The decision to invest stemmed from Convesio’s achievements over the past two years and a recognition that the platform’s capabilities address scaling challenges most providers in the market don’t have a solution for.

Funding will allow Convesio to accelerate…

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QuickPost Plugin Allows Users To Create New or Duplicate Posts from the WordPress Content Editor – WP Tavern

There is not much I miss about the classic editor. It was dead to me when the block system became the new normal. However, there might be a feature or two that I miss.

The biggest of those features? The “Add New” button at the top of the post editor.

“Add New” button in the classic editor.

So, when Aurooba Ahmed mentioned that she was building a plugin to address this very problem on Twitter, I took note, eagerly awaiting the day of its release. Losing the button for adding a new post was a user experience regression, and her QuickPost plugin rights one of the wrongs with…

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