WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org: What’s the Difference?

Starting a new website? From writing raw code to using content management systems like WordPress or website builders like Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly, there are tons of ways to get your website up and running.

The most popular tool these days, however, is WordPress. Once you’ve settled on using WordPress, you’ll have another choice to make. Should you use WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

There isn’t a yes or no answer to this—but once you’ve read through this article, you’ll have the information you need to make an informed choice.

What Is WordPress used for?

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Top 10 Providers for 2022

As a WordPress user, you’re probably well aware of the importance of choosing a quality host. You’ve no doubt heard horror stories of people who have lost their sites due to less-than-reliable providers. We understand that selecting a hosting company can be tricky, with all the jargon and flashy ads flying around out there. But don’t worry —we’ll walk you through some important questions that will help you determine which provider is best for your needs.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers List

We’ve rounded up some of the most recommended WordPress web…

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Performance Lab and Other WordPress Real Estate Plugins

If you run a real estate website on WordPress, you are probably already familiar with the bulk of the plugins used to manage listings, leads, and SEO. Granted, proper free WordPress real estate plugins are rare. Therefore, you should never rely on them (after all, the commission from one sale alone could afford you a custom site and reliable subscription-based services), but when in need, WordPress delivers. 

Before delving forward, install the official WordPress Performance Lab plugin to enhance your site’s performance. It is a modular plugin with elements that will eventually merge…

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How To Build a Recipe Card via the WordPress Block Editor – WP Tavern

Last summer, I was on a pattern-creating bender. In two months, I had designed just shy of 100 block patterns. Outside of work and necessary household duties, I spent every waking moment building things with the block editor for fun. I had complete creative freedom, no need to roll out a commercial product, and no one to please but myself.

As an artist, I was living the dream. There was no pressure to do anything other than create whatever came to mind. Of course, I crashed after a while. The real world always catches up, but I built some neat patterns over the summer.

There was…

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Why am I getting redirected to WordPress.com?

Why am I getting redirected to WordPress.com? – GoldDerby

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How To Set Up IndexNow Using Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin

Microsoft Bing announced that the popular WordPress SEO plugin Rank Math is integrating the IndexNow instant indexing protocol.  A publisher doesn’t even need to have an API key or a Bing Webmaster Tools account to enjoy the advantages of instant indexing. Getting started with IndexNow by using Rank Math SEO plugin is easy, especially with these step by step instructions.

Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin

Rank Math is a popular SEO plugin that has over one million active installations. It is popular because it is easy to use and also because the plugin offers a generous selection of…

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WordPress.org to Launch Pattern Creator to Expand Pattern Directory – WP Tavern

WordPress.org’s contributors are preparing to open the doors of the Pattern Directory to public submissions. Patterns’ transformative effect on page building in the block editor has made the feature important enough to earn its own directory in July 2021. For the past nine months, it has been limited to a small, curated selection of patterns from designers in the community.

Today, Alex Shiels unveiled the new Pattern Creator that will enable public pattern submissions.

“The Pattern Creator page will allow designers and content creators to build, edit, and submit their…

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Busting WordPress Myths

Busting WordPress Myths, report by Ricky Blacker, Senior Sales Engineer and WordPress Evangelist at WP Engine

Since its launch in 2003, WordPress, has evolved from a simple blogging platform to become the world’s most popular open-source content management system (CMS), now powering over 43% of the web. With more than 82 million sites worldwide, businesses of all sizes rely on WordPress to drive their digital properties, from startups and SMBs to The Walt Disney Company and The White House. The platform is  a constant source of buzz in the tech community and generates millions of…

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Unpatched plugins threaten millions of WordPress websites

Number of vulnerabilities found in WordPress plugins and themes jumped 150% between 2020 and 2021

A year-on-year surge has been observed in the number of security vulnerabilities found in the WordPress ecosystem.

The number of flaws reported in plugins and themes for WordPress was 150% higher in 2021 than in 2020, according to researchers at WordPress security firm Patchstack. As many as 29% of critical vulnerabilities were never patched.

WordPress powers just over 40% of all websites, but bugs in plugins and themes can render those sites vulnerable…

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10 WordPress Website Ideas for 2022 – The European Sting – Critical News & Insights on European Politics, Economy, Foreign Affairs, Business & Technology

(Credit: Unsplash)

Building a website is a big task. It can be an even bigger task if you are not familiar with the process or the tools needed to make it happen. WordPress is a popular content management system that can help you get your website up and running in no time. In addition, many other features and plugins can help make your website stand out from the rest. 

A recent survey of CMS systems found that WordPress is the most popular system in use today. This is likely due to its ease of use and the number of themes and plugins available for download. 

If you are…

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