Understanding the Query Block and Its Importance in Site Editing – WordPress Tavern

I really don’t understand this Query block even though it’s been mentioned in several Tavern posts. My eyes seem to gloss over when reading about it – ha!

Is it important that regular WordPress users understand this block, or is it really a block for developers?


I have given the Query block a lot of attention as of late. On occasion, I may have even called it one of the largest hurdles the Gutenberg development team has needed to jump before block-based themes become a reality. However, the “query” WordPress term is not something all users or Tavern readers are…

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Armando WordPress Theme Provides Insight Into the Current State of Full Site Editing – WordPress Tavern

As we inch closer to a year in which WordPress’s primary focus will be on Full Site Editing, it is fortunate timing that Themes Team representative Carolina Nymark publicly announced her latest theme, Armando. It is a blogging theme that makes use of the latest features from the Gutenberg plugin.

The theme is currently awaiting review for the WordPress theme directory. It is also available via GitHub.

The news of Armando came moments after Nymark announced a redesign of her Full Site Editing website. The site is a resource for WordPress users and developers to learn more about…

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How to safely add custom code to WordPress websites

Users are often looking for ways to tweak their websites, plugins and themes, or to add some modifications to an existing functionality. In most of these cases, you can do so by adding custom code to your WordPress website.

There is nothing wrong with adding custom code to your website. However, there are a few things that you need to look out for when adding custom code making these changes to your WordPress website.

This article highlights what to look out for, and the best practices to adding custom code to your WordPress website.

What to look for before adding Custom Code Snippets in…

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Best WordPress backup plugins in 2021

WordPress is still an incredibly popular website builder. It comes in two flavours, one being a self-contained website hosting solution, and the other is a package you can install on your own web hosting provider (if your chosen service doesn’t already provide that option by default).

One of the great features of this tool is the plethora of plugins available, some free, some available for a fee.

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Navigate the Content Canvas With the Block Editor Outline WordPress Plugin – WordPress Tavern

Last week, Kalimah Apps released its Editor Block Outline plugin to the WordPress plugin repository. The idea is simple. The plugin adds a bordered outline to each block in the document along with their associated labels. For some users, this will help them navigate more complex layouts.

There is little information available about Kalimah Apps through the usual WordPress-related channels. However, this is its second plugin in the directory. Its first plugin, which has not been updated in four years, was a massive library of over 40 shortcodes, 1,000s of icons, and dozens of…

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This $30 master class can help you create a WordPress online store from scratch

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Choose your themes and customize your site.
Choose your themes and customize your site.

Image: Tranmautritam from Pexels

TL;DR: Learn how to build your own website with this WordPress master class, on sale for $30 as of Dec. 27.

The internet is full of opportunities — especially entrepreneurial ones. You just need to know how to seize them. With lots of time on your hands and new hobbies

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How making a website with Wix compares to WordPress and Squarespace

The holidays are in full swing, and you’ve got more free time on hand than usual. Ready to tackle creating that new website or blog? 

It’s a daunting project, but online tools of the last several years now make it much easier than in the past, with drag and drop options that can let you create something that looks really good within a few hours. That is, once you master the basics of how the programs work. 

The three most popular choices right now to do this are WordPress, Squarespace and Wix. 

WordPress is targeted toward tech nerds who don’t need support, while Squarespace and Wix…

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Outstanding Features Available In The Store Of WordPress 5.5

Image Source: freepik

Today, we all have the newest version of WordPress that is 5.6 with us but the features and functionalities released in the WordPress 5.5 version made such significant modifications due to which once again “WordPress” has become the outstanding web development framework. The trending WordPress 5.5 “Eckstine” version got released on 11th August.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the WordPress 5.5 features and functionalities.

What New Features Arrived In WordPress 5.5 “Eckstine”

Plugins For Themes And Auto-updates

WordPress framework included numerous…

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Top WordPress Related Myths and the Truth Beyond them

Shutterstock Launches Official WordPress Plugin – WordPress Tavern

Shutterstock has released an official plugin for WordPress. The 17-year old company is as old as WordPress itself but this is the first time it has provided convenient access to its library inside the admin.

Seven years ago, Shutterstock released a plugin for affiliates using a third-party development company, but it failed to gain much traction and is no longer updated. The new block-based plugin applies more broadly to WordPress site owners looking for commercial stock photography. It provides a block that allows users to search Shutterstock’s library of 340 million…

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