GoDaddy's managed WooCommerce Stores provides WordPress users with storefront – – Enterprise Times

GoDaddy (credit image/Pixabay/ Andrea Piacquadio) GoDaddy is bringing innovation to the WordPress community by offering a multi-channel commerce platform optimised for growing businesses. GoDaddy’s highly anticipated Managed WooCommerce Stores solution is fully managed and streamlines operating a WordPress online store. WordPress normally requires entrepreneurs to maintain a complex technology stack. GoDaddy’s Managed WooCommerce Stores house everything needed to sell online, in person, and across popular marketplaces and social platforms from one built-in experience.

On GoDaddy’s new platform, business owners can create unlimited…

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Master building WordPress sites with 44% off this training series

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Seven ways to optimise your WordPress website for SEO

Following SEO best practices is an advantage for any website. As WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMSes) around, there are certain tips you can follow to improve your WordPress site’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more visitors.

Tips to improve your WordPress SEO:

1. Use a dynamic sitemap: A dynamic sitemap is more user-friendly for web owners and search engines than a static one. It will automatically update with every new page added to your site and can be delivered faster than a static sitemap when requested by a…

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The Block Editor Is Coming to WordPress’ Support Forums – WP Tavern

The block editor was introduced to WordPress in 2018 and has matured into a more user-friendly tool for expression over the past four years.’s Meta Team is now experimenting with how they can bring the block editor into the support forums. That they are even considering this is a testament to how far the block editor has come, as the support forums provide a critical lifeline for WordPress users who are struggling with their websites and wouldn’t benefit from adopting a buggy editor.

“The support forums have a long history in WordPress,” Automattic-sponsored…

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GoDaddy’s Platform for WordPress, And Aeropay’s Mosaic Move – Digital Transactions

The big Internet services provider GoDaddy Inc. said on Tuesday it is using its Manage WooCommerce Stores technology to help sellers open and manage a store on the WordPress online platform.

The move, which could bring more small sellers into the e-commerce fold, is aimed at untangling the complexity GoDaddy says is typical of e-commerce on WordPress. The new technology also extends to in-person sales and commerce on other marketplaces and social platforms, a move Tempe, Ariz.-based GoDaddy says is a first for WooCommerce stores.

The new offering includes…

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GoDaddy’s Managed WooCommerce Stores Are Basically a Cheat Code for Scaling E-commerce

The new solution allows merchants to sell wherever customers shop through flexible and fully managed WordPress e-commerce stores

TEMPE, Ariz., Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GoDaddy, Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), the company that helps entrepreneurs thrive, is bringing new innovation to the WordPress community by offering a multi-channel commerce platform optimized for growing businesses. GoDaddy’s highly anticipated Managed WooCommerce Stores solution is fully managed and streamlines operating a WordPress online store. While WordPress normally requires entrepreneurs to maintain a complex technology…

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11 Strategies for WordPress Image Optimization (A Complete Guide)

WordPress image optimization is crucial for the success of any website. A lot of ways that could improve the user experience to rankings on search engines, but bulky, unoptimized image files can significantly slow down your WordPress website which is not good for SEO.

In this context, image optimization means keeping image file sizes small and manageable to ensure fast load times while maintaining high image quality. It can help your website convert visitors into customers and maintain a seamless user experience.

Given the significantly positive impact optimizing images can offer, this…

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Drupal vs WordPress: Which CMS Is Better and Why?

Choosing the most suitable content management system (CMS) for your new website is crucial if you want to succeed. The website’s functionality, performance, and design directly depend on the choice of CMS. Although Drupfan offers Drupal developers for hire, it doesn’t mean we consider Drupal the only possible solution for website development.

Drupal and WordPress are dominating the market in 2023. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Today, Drupfan dives into Drupal and WordPress to see which CMS is better and why.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Drupal?

Drupal is an open-source…

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Prodigy Commerce Launches a Powerful Alternative to WooCommerce for Building Stores with WordPress

Prodigy Commerce, Inc.

Prodigy Commerce releases an eCommerce platform for the WordPress community to build beautiful, secure, fully functional stores.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 1, 2022 / — Prodigy Commerce, the only hosted eCommerce platform for WordPress that’s free at any scale, has commercially launched its unique solution. Prodigy brings together the benefits of the world’s most popular content management system, WordPress, which powers over 40% of the web, and a hosted eCommerce platform….

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Why do you need Themesinfo WordPress theme detector?

When you are taking steps to build your websites, there are specific modern tools available. These tools are super beneficial to create a fully developed and professional website. For this purpose, you can count on Themesinfo WordPress theme detector.

Themesinfo WordPress theme detector and how it works:

Themesinfo WordPress theme detector is an online tool that gives you plugins and themes for a website. The benefit of WordPress theme detector is that it will also give you free and authentic themes and plugins. You need to follow the subsequent steps to operate the WP theme detector:

  • The…

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