Enabling and Disabling WordPress 5.8 Features – WP Tavern

WordPress 5.8 was one of the most feature-packed updates that the community has seen in ages. There was just about a little something for everyone. And, there were plenty of things that some users would rather live without.

Big releases on the CMS that powers 40% of the web mean that some users will want or need to disable new features. Whether it is turning on classic widgets, bringing back infinite scrolling in the media library, or enabling the template editor, there is bound to be a solution. Some say there is a plugin for everything, so we are about to test that theory against…

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LionSher Technologies Announces New Acquisitions and Becomes Parent Company of Popular WordPress Brands | News

HOUSTON, July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — LionSher Technologies is thrilled to announce the acquisition of the following plugins from Lever Technology:

  • PDF Embedder – The #1 fully featured PDF plugin, that allows secure PDF embedding and encryption in WordPress. Used on over 300,000 websites.
  • Google Apps Login – Manage WordPress user accounts entirely from Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).
  • Google Drive Embedder – Harness the power of Google drive…

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15 Analytics Plugins for WordPress

With the right analytics plugin, a WordPress merchant can track prospects and customers, get advanced stats to improve site performance, and fix what’s broken.

Here is a list of analytics plugins for WordPress. There are services — both free and paid — to track visitors and events, create page and post reports, produce heatmaps, and more.

Analytics Plugins for WordPress

Site Kit is the official WordPress plugin from Google for insights about how people find and use your site. Get key metrics and insights across Google products, including Search, Analytics, Ads,…

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Custom WordPress development: Questions and answers

Custom WordPress Development isn’t a novelty anymore. However, it still raises a lot of questions among the users who are willing to consider it for their sites. Therefore, we decided to have a closer look at what custom development of your WordPress website involves and what are its advantages.

To begin with, let’s define what custom development of WP entails. It means that functionality and styles of a website or an application are manually written. Certainly, this process doesn`t leave aside ready-made technologies such as plugins, themes, server settings, and…

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Open Meeting and Call for Feedback – WP Tavern

The WordPress.org Themes Team announced an open discussion and date for a Zoom meeting with theme authors. The team is proposing a new set of guidelines that reduces and simplifies what is currently in place. Comments on the proposal are open through July 26, and the meeting is set for July 28, 2 pm CET.

This is the next step in an ongoing plan to revamp the review system and make it easier for the WordPress community to submit themes. It comes after months of waiting to see the results of earlier discussions unfold.

In January, the state of the theme review system seemed to have…

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Interview: Patchstack’s Oliver Sild on securing WordPress, one plugin vulnerability at a time

Stacking the odds in site owners’ favor

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, powering around 40% of all websites globally.

While the open source technology has helped millions of business owners, bloggers, and hobbyists to carve out their own online niche, WordPress security remains a key issue.

Over recent months, the developers of WordPress Core – the ‘foundational’ files that are required for the software to work – have doubled down on their efforts to protect site owners with the launch of several new

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Which Is Better for SEO?

Wix and WordPress are two of the most popular website solutions available. According to Builtwith, Wix is powering over 4.5 million websites while WordPress is behind over 28 million websites.

The key difference between them is that Wix is a website builder and hosted solution, whereas WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) and not hosted.

One important decision you need to think through when deciding between Wix and WordPress is which one is better for SEO.

In this column, you’ll learn the pros and cons of each platform when it comes to SEO, along with some…

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WordPress jazzes up its CMS again

WordPress released the new 5.8 version of its CMS, affectionately naming it “Tatum” after a favorite jazz pianist, Art Tatum. Previous updates have been named for Miles Davis and Charles Mingus.

The biggest design breakthrough available on this version is probably “block Widgets,” the capability to insert widgets into your content like any other element in WordPress’s block-based scheme. Accessed within blocks, there is now a Block Widgets Editor to manage widgets, as well as a Customizer. The CMS is getting more open to collaboration and improvisation,…

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The WordPress.org Block Pattern Directory Is Now Live – WP Tavern

Yesterday, the WordPress pattern directory went live to the world as the development team behind it put the finishing touches on the project. It will work similarly to the theme and plugin directories in time. Along with WordPress 5.8, users can browse and use block patterns directly from the post editor.

Officially, the pattern directory shipped as part of the WordPress 5.8 release. The Tavern did not include this in its coverage yesterday because it was still listed as an “in-progress” project until several hours later. The team was still wrapping up several issues yesterday…

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Wix vs WordPress: 2021 Comparison Guide

Do you have a website to build? Are you wondering if Wix or WordPress is the better platform to achieve that goal? If so, keep reading, as we’ll compare the two to help you make an informed decision as to which one better fits your needs.

Wix vs WordPress: User-Friendliness

If you’re trying to decide between Wix Website Builder and WordPress Content Management System (CMS) for building a website, it’s probably because you intend to build that site yourself versus hiring someone else. As such, the user-friendly nature of the content management platform you choose may be its most…

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