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TL;DR: Take your website to the next level with the Mega 2020 WordPress Plugin bundle for $29.99, a 99% savings as of Aug. 6. 

In theory, now seems like the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad time to kickstart a business. But in reality, it’s an opportune moment —  if you’re building your empire online, of course. The pandemic-induced…

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Divi WordPress Theme Vulnerability – Search Engine Journal

WordFence researchers discovered a vulnerability in Elegant Themes Divi and Extra themes and the Divi Builder plugin. The vulnerability allows an attacker to completely take over a site.

The Divi Builder Plugin is a standalone plugin that allows a user to use the Divi builder functionality on any third party theme.

Elegant Themes Divi and Extra themes have the builder functionality built-in.

The vulnerability comes from a flaw discovered in the builder functionality in all three products.

What the Elegant Themes Vulnerability Is

The Elegant Themes exploit takes advantage of a vulnerability in a…

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Pay what you want (UK deal)

TL;DR: The WordPress Hero Bundle is on sale for £9.48 as of August 6, saving you 99% on list price.

Knowing your way around WordPress is like having a cheat code that unlocks the hidden secrets of the internet. You can build your own professional-looking website, manage an e-commerce store, start a blog, launch a newsletter, and tackle lots more personal and entrepreneurial projects that can raise your profile and bring in real revenue.

And since a quarter of the world’s websites rely on the ubiquitous publishing platform, a working knowledge of it can help you stand out in the job…

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Facebook plugin bug lets hackers hijack WordPress sites’ chat

A high severity bug found in Facebook’s official chat plugin for WordPress websites with over 80,000 active installations could allow attackers to intercept messages sent by visitors to the vulnerable sites’ owner.

The Facebook Chat Plugin allows WordPress website owners to embed a chat pop-up to communicate with visitors in real-time through Facebook’s messaging platform for Facebook Pages.

The plugin also comes with support for chat transcripts and makes it easy to set up auto-replies and FAQs outside working hours to provide visitors with helpful information while the site owner can’t…

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Critical vulnerability found and patched

A patch has been issued for a WordPress plugin that had a severe vulnerability. The plugin, wpDiscuz, was investigated by WordPress security experts at Wordfence. What they found, as described in a research blog post, was a critical arbitrary file upload vulnerability. As Wordfence researchers discovered, the vulnerability was introduced in a recent update, more specifically, the patch before the fixed wpDiscuz plugin version (7.0.5). This is far from the first time a critical WordPress vulnerability has been uncovered. wpDiscuz is used to allow an interactive comments section…

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Acquia Launches DXP, WordPress 5.5 Underway and More Open Source CMS News


Acquia has released its new Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP), which combines the power of Marketing Cloud and Acquia Drupal Cloud, bringing together content and data to improve the digital experiences that brands can deliver.

Acquia Drupal Cloud is a hosting and development platform for the open source Drupal CMS that makes it easier for companies to design and orchestrate digital experiences. Marketing Cloud is a data-driven marketing platform that streamlines the creation of personalized customer journeys. 

The Acquia Open DXP includes previous…

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Critical Security Vulnerability Existed in wpDiscuz WordPress Plugin

Once again, a critical security flaw in a WordPress plugin posed a threat to thousands of websites. This time, the researchers discovered the vulnerability in the wpDiscuz WordPress plugin.

wpDiscuz WordPress Plugin Vulnerability

Researchers from Wordfence have come up with one more report about a vulnerable plugin. As described in their recent blog post, they caught a critical vulnerability in the wpDiscuz WordPress plugin. Exploiting this bug could let an attacker achieve various dangerous privileges on the target server, including remote code execution and arbitrary file upload.


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Post a Lot of Code? Try the Code Syntax Block Plugin for WordPress – WordPress Tavern

I am always on the lookout for interesting syntax-highlighting plugins, particularly for those occasions when I write tutorials or other articles that lean heavily on code. Far too many plugins use shortcodes, custom blocks, or other odd solutions. However, there is one option that I intentionally overlooked when it was released over a year ago: Code Syntax Block by Marcus Kazmierczak.

Based on the name, I assumed it was yet another standalone block. However, I have since given it another look and realized that this was note the case. It integrates directly with the core WordPress…

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Staying Relevant In A Quickly Shifting WordPress Landscape

MalCare, your favorite WordPress security plugin, recently had the opportunity to sit down with Ben Gillbanks, a veteran WordPress developer about his work in the WordPress community. In the interview below we get to speak with Ben about his past work and how the shifting WordPress landscape is forcing him to think about creative ways to stay relevant. The interview below is exciting and in-depth. So let’s jump in!

The Interview

Hi Ben! First off, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to chat with our readers today. You’ve been in the WordPress space for 13 years now, so why…

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Bing Launches URL Submissions Plugin for WordPress – WordPress Tavern

Bing has launched its first official plugin for WordPress aimed at helping site owners get their content indexed immediately. Instead of waiting for a bingbot to crawl the site, the plugin notifies Bing of any new or updated content automatically using its Submit URL API.

“Bing believes that the future for search engines is less about crawling to discover content and more about sharing new and updated content across the web, a fundamental shift in the way that search engines handle web sites,” Bing Product Manager Fabrice Canel said. “Instead of monitoring RSS, sitemaps and…

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