WordPress Project to Evaluate Replacing Slack with Matrix Open Source Chat – WP Tavern

WordPress and Matrix contributors are proposing a new Meta team subproject that would explore replacing Slack communication with Matrix, an open source federated chat system. Matrix already powers a variety of communication tools, including Element, the most mature Matrix client – a universal chat app that is often described as “a Slack alternative.”

In 2020, Automattic invested $4.6M in New Vector, creators of the Matrix open standard for decentralized communication. At that time, Mullenweg indicated his intention for Automattic to adopt Matrix-based tools and build bridges to…

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Over 4,500 WordPress Sites Hacked to Redirect Visitors to Sketchy Ad Pages

Jan 25, 2023Ravie LakshmananWebsite Security / WordPress

A massive campaign has infected over 4,500 WordPress websites as part of a long-running operation that’s been believed to be active since at least 2017.

According to GoDaddy-owned Sucuri, the infections involve the injection of obfuscated JavaScript hosted on a malicious domain named “track[.]violetlovelines[.]com” that’s designed to redirect visitors to unwanted sites.

The latest operation is said to have been under way since December 26, 2022, according to data from urlscan.io. A prior wave seen in early December 2022

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75k WordPress sites impacted by critical online course plugin flaws

The WordPress online course plugin ‘LearnPress’ was vulnerable to multiple critical-severity flaws, including pre-auth SQL injection and local file inclusion.

LearnPress is a learning management system (LMS) plugin that allows WordPress websites to easily create and sell online courses, lessons, and quizzes, providing visitors with a friendly interface while requiring no coding knowledge from the website developer.

The vulnerabilities in the plugin, used in over 100,000 active sites, were discovered by PatchStack between November 30 and December 2, 2022, and reported to the software…

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First Metaverse Plugin for WordPress Developers Deploys Multiuser Immersive Worlds into Websites and Blogs in Minutes

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New Croquet Plugin Deploys Multiuser, Social, 3D Metaverse Worlds in Any WordPress Site with Collaborative Browsing and Spatial Audio Conversations among Site Visitors

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Croquet Corporation, provider of Croquet OS, the Operating System for the Open Metaverse, announced today the first WordPress Plugin that allows developers to deploy 3D immersive, multiuser Metaverse worlds in any WordPress website or blog. Croquet Metaverse Web Showcase is free, no-code, easy to use and gives anyone…

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WordPress SEO Agency: How To Choose The Right SEO Agency

What if we told you that it’s possible for your WordPress website to show up in the top results for almost any keyword you could imagine? Sounds like a pipe dream, right? Well, it’s not! With the help of a strong WordPress SEO agency, you can give your website the jump start it needs to succeed online.

If you’re interested in learning more about what an SEO agency can do for you, keep reading. We’ll go through how to choose the right SEO agency for your project!

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Consider Your Keyword Goals

Choosing the right WordPress SEO Agency is key to the success of…

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Top 9 GPL sites for downloading GPL themes plugins for WordPress

Are you looking to create a website on the popular WordPress platform but don’t know where to start? Luckily, there are plenty of GPL sites with plugins and themes available for download.

With the right plugin or theme, you can customize your WordPress site to be exactly how you envisioned it.

Today, we’ll take a look at the top 9 GPL sites for downloading GPL themes and plugins for WordPress. Read on to find out more!

If you’re looking for GPL-licensed themes and plugins for WordPress, srmehranclub.com is a great place to start. The site offers a wide selection of both free and premium…

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WordPress Hosting vs. Shared Hosting: Facts That Matter

The popularity of the WordPress content management system primarily stems from its simplicity, user friendliness and unlimited customizability. Add to that the fact that it is open source and free to use for all purposes, and you’d almost have no reason to consider using any other CMS for your next website.

But before you introduce your WP website to the world wide web, you first have to pick the right hosting service for it from an endless number of choices that will be thrown at you left and right. This is a very critical step because the hosting service can have a major impact on your…

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I need OTP verification for WCFM – CMS & WordPress – SitePoint Forums

The website I need help with is lese.theweb.cyou is PASSWORD PROTECTED
User: znhaavgtby
Pass: x4GbP78dzT
I have successfully installed the WCFM plugin and created a registration form I just need OTP to work directly

To enable OTP (One-time Password) functionality in the WCFM plugin,…

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Database Malware Strikes Hundreds of Vulnerable WordPress Sites

The first injection redirected users to a spammy sports website, whereas the second one boosted the authority of a spammy casino website in search engines.

Cybersecurity researchers at Sucuri have shared their research on how WordPress vulnerabilities can jeopardize the system’s security and that usually already discovered flaws are used to compromise WordPress sites with multiple infections.

Researchers noted that outdated websites are highly likely to be exploited by multiple attackers, or the same hacker can target them using multiple channels. The latter scenario was…

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Why do we need to Check Keyword Rankings for WordPress Blog Posts

Now comes the question, what are keywords? When you have a query, you type in the search box with a word or phrase for the information you are searching for. That word A website is created to get traffic, which in turn improves sales. How do you increase the traffic to your website? Using keywords and following SEO practices.

or phrase is called the Keyword. Example: When you want to buy a magazine, you type “best magazines for fashion” in the search box. However, more than one word is called a “Keyword.”

Also, WordPress is used mainly for business. Find the Latest trends here.

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