WordPress 5.5 is available for download or update in your dashboard

Announced via WordPress.org:

Named “Eckstine” in honor of Billy Eckstine, this latest and greatest version of WordPress is available for download or update in your dashboard.

Here are some of the noted features of WordPress 5.5:

Posts and pages feel faster, thanks to lazy-loaded images.

Images give your story a lot of impact, but they can sometimes make your site seem slow.

In WordPress 5.5, images wait to load until they’re just about to scroll into view. The technical term is ‘lazy loading.’

On mobile, lazy loading can also keep browsers from loading files meant…

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WordPress 5.5 rolls out with auto-updates for plugins, themes

Adam Bannister

11 August 2020 at 14:35 UTC

Updated: 11 August 2020 at 14:36 UTC

Feature aimed at improved the security of the WordPress ecosystem has been a ‘long time coming’

WordPress 5.5 lands today with a new feature that will ensure plugins auto-update by default, shrinking the window of opportunity for cybercriminals looking to exploit known security vulnerabilities.

The feature, which also auto-updates WordPress site themes, has been absorbed into the WordPress core codebase after…

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Astra Theme Suspended and Reinstated, Themes Team Works Toward Delisting Strategy for Guideline Violations – WordPress Tavern

The Themes Team suspended Astra from the official theme directory just a few short weeks after it became the first non-default WordPress theme to surpass one million active installs. The reason: the theme was breaking the directory’s ban on affiliate links. The theme has since been reinstated. However, it has been delisted from the popular themes list.

After the Themes Team handed down an initial five-week suspension, the story continued to unfold through various channels over the weekend and into the start of the new week. Brainstorm Force, the company behind the theme,

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Simple steps to stay safe

If your website gets hacked, it’s a big black mark on the reputation of your business. I was reminded of this recently when someone shared an article with me, and my attempt to view it was blocked due to malware present on the website. One of the most important and overlooked security tasks for businesses is protecting their website. I see so many neglected small business websites in my MSP practice that I know this has become a sure-fire threat to many businesses. Many of these small businesses use WordPress as their website platform, and we will look at some ways it can help…

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Astra WordPress theme suspended

WordPress has suspended the Astra theme for being in violation of its affiliate link policy. The suspension will be in place for five weeks and will affect over one million users.

Despite the wide-ranging impact, information on the suspension has been somewhat low-key. The suspense was announced by the TRT Messenger (Theme Review Team Bot) on the WordPress support forum.

Users trying to find the theme from official WordPress repository will either find “no results” or a theme that is not the popular Astra theme as shown in the screenshot below.

The official social…

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WordPress Suspends Astra Theme – Affects 1 Million Users

Popular WordPress theme Astra with over one million users has been suspended for five weeks. The punishment is in response to alleged violations of WordPress prohibitions against adding affiliate links into themes.

Astra Theme Removed from WordPress Repository

Following a link for the official Astra theme WordPress page shows that the theme is not available from WordPress.

Screenshot of Astra theme placeholder pageFollowing links to the official WordPress Astra theme repository shows that the theme is completely gone from WordPress.

Using the search function on WordPress to find the Astra theme shows zero results. The Astra theme is…

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Automattic Launches P2, a WordPress-powered Tool for Remote Teams Collaboration

WordPress.com’s parent company Automattic today launched a team collaboration and communication product that has served as the “foundation of Automattic’s distributed work model” for over a decade.

Automattic invested in telecommuting even before work from home became the new normal for a pandemic-ravaged global workforce.

Since its inception in 2005, Automattic has always focused on remote working, and today the products give over 1,200 employees in 77 countries full autonomy to work from wherever they wish to.

But this level of distribution requires the…

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Plugin Rank Provides Insight Into WordPress Search Results, Competitive Analysis, and Email Reports for Developers – WordPress Tavern

Iain Poulson announced that Plugin Rank is open to the public yesterday. It is a new service that allows plugin authors to track their rankings by keyword on the official WordPress plugin directory. The service is geared toward plugin authors with freemium offerings.

The tools were already in place for Poulson to build the service. He just needed to build his service on top of them. “Plugin Rank leverages the WordPress.org API to retrieve a set of plugins for a search term,” he said. “It’s the same API that WordPress uses when a user searches for a plugin inside their…

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WordPress.com launches new P2 to take on internal communication tools – TechCrunch

WordPress.com, a division of Automattic, is launching a new product called P2. And this time, it’s all about improving internal communications for private groups. As a remote company, Automattic has been using P2 internally for years to communicate asynchronously. It’s a place to share long-form posts, a repository to keep onboarding documents and other important ever-green documents.

P2 is built on top of WordPress . You can view it as a sort of WordPress for teams that is heavily customized around the concept of sharing ideas with other team members. Companies now rely on…

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WordPress.com Announces an All-New P2 for Remote Team Collaboration

As the world has suddenly shifted to remote work, Automattic has seen an influx of interest in its distributed work best practices, so the company has built a refined version of its team collaboration tool, which focuses on communication that is asynchronous, accessible across time zones, and allows teams to organize plans, projects, and big picture ideas, communicating across the entire company. P2 is a perfect companion to real-time tools like chat and videoconferencing.

P2 can be used as internal blogs that move teams and organizations away from siloed email inboxes, and it helps…

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