WordPress Themes Directory Launches Pattern Previews in Beta – WP Tavern

Meta contributors have turned on a new feature in WordPress.org theme listings that allows visitors to preview themes’ bundled patterns. A grid displaying the patterns is now shown underneath a theme’s description and tags. These are automatically fetched from any theme that registers patterns and works for both block and classic themes.

Patterns included in the Zeever theme

Clicking on a pattern will launch it within the theme preview. Visitors can see what it looks like within the context of the theme but cannot manipulate it or customize it.

Automattic-sponsored Meta…

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WordPress Releases Gutenberg 13.7 – Focused on Workflow and Better UI

WordPress unveiled Gutenberg 13.7 which contains numerous refinements that improve the workflow, provide more granular control within the full site editor, and numerous improvements to the user interface.

Like any other release from WordPress, this is a cumulative update and not a whole new experience.

That said, the editing experience should feel more intuitive and natural.

Block Locking Offers More Granular Control

13.7 contains further improvements to the ability to lock block elements to prevent them from changing.

The newest improvement is that users now have the ability to apply the…

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WordPress plugin security audit unearths dozens of vulnerabilities impacting 60,000 websites

Emma Woollacott

21 July 2022 at 13:33 UTC

Updated: 21 July 2022 at 13:45 UTC

Unauthenticated SQL injection bugs put thousands of WordPress sites under threat

A researcher at security firm Cyllective has unearthed vulnerabilities in dozens of WordPress plugins, affecting tens of thousands of installations.

Dave Miller, who leads Cyllective’s penetration testing team, says they started out testing randomly selected plugins, quickly finding an unauthenticated SQL injection vulnerability.

They also…

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Top1010 WordPress Pain Points, But It Still Rules the Market

WordPress 6.0 has been downloaded over 49 millions times (and the counter keeps increasing). This simply depicts the kind of popularity and craze WordPress has in the world of CMS. But, at the same time, we see fluctuations across the growth map of WordPress. Its market share has gone down by 0.4% since February 22 (and increased after that) and the global ranking of WordPress.com has also dwindled from 130 to 141 (source).

I decided to explore this volatility through some independent research, conversations with WordPress developers associated with my organization, and clients who have…

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Bluehost India Birthday Sale with up to 65 percent off on WordPress Hosting, Services & More

MUMBAI, India, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bluehost India is blowing out the candles and celebrating 19 years of helping customers succeed online.

As an industry leader in WordPress Hosting products and services, Bluehost has built a loyal customer base in the Indian market over the years. To celebrate this milestone, Bluehost India is offering discounts of up to 65 percent off on WordPress Hosting and WordPress Services as part of the annual Birthday celebration sale from July 18 to July 24.

Here are the details of the discounts one can enjoy as part of the Bluehost India Birthday…

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How to Set Up a Free SSL Certificate on WordPress

Although you can purchase an SSL certificate from the Certifying Authority (CA) and add it to your WordPress website, you will have to spend some money to buy and renew the certificate yearly.

This guide looks at two methods to set up a free SSL certificate on WordPress.

Why You Should Get a Free SSL Certificate for WordPress

What is SSL exactly, and why do you need it? A Secure Socket Layer or SSL certificate helps secure the connection to your WordPress site. It prevents attackers and hackers from accessing or modifying the information transferred from your web server to the…

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WordPress rival raises $500,000 in seed funding

WordPress rival raises $500,000 this week in seed funding from various  investors.
Source: Tech Crunch

Funding news from this week included updates on a newcomer publishing firm in the media industry. Reportedly, this particular Australian start up, Storipress refers to itself as an upcoming alternative to the popular WordPress. It pitched itself essentially as an all-in-one management system. This would have the ability to pull all the tools together that a publisher requires in one place.

Start- up accelerator Boson Ventures, Startmate, along with the co founder of Junkee Media, Tim…

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How to Set Up WordPress Using Docker in Ubuntu

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). More than 40% of the web runs on WordPress. Docker is a containerizing system used to run your software in an isolated environment. The concept of containerization is not new in the software development world. But Docker makes it very developer friendly.

In this article, we are going to show you how to install WordPress site in a Docker container.

Why Docker?

Why Docker, you may ask?

The answer is simplicity. In Docker, your application is containerized within one image….

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Experts Notice Sudden Surge in Exploitation of WordPress Page Builder Plugin Vulnerability

Researchers from Wordfence have sounded the alarm about a “sudden” spike in cyber attacks attempting to exploit an unpatched flaw in a WordPress plugin called Kaswara Modern WPBakery Page Builder Addons.

Tracked as CVE-2021-24284, the issue is rated 10.0 on the CVSS vulnerability scoring system and relates to an unauthenticated arbitrary file upload that could be abused to gain code execution, permitting attackers to seize control of affected WordPress sites.


Although the bug was originally disclosed in April 2021 by the WordPress security company, it continues to remain unresolved to…

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Unpatched WPBakery WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Increasingly Targeted in Attacks

The Wordfence team at WordPress security company Defiant warns of an increase in attacks targeting an unpatched vulnerability in the Kaswara addon for the WPBakery Page Builder WordPress plugin.

Tracked as CVE-2021-24284 (CVSS score of 10) and disclosed in April 2021, the critical-severity security bug allows an unauthenticated attacker to upload malicious PHP files to a vulnerable site, potentially achieving remote code execution.

According to Wordfence, an attacker can exploit the flaw to inject malicious JavaScript code into any file on the WordPress installation and completely take…

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