Polyverse Announces Polyscripting for WordPress

Polyscripted WordPress Installation

“Now, Enterprise WordPress customers can gain peace of mind that they have a powerful way to help protect their WordPress sites against cyberattacks with Polyverse Polyscripting for WordPress.” – Alex Gounares Polyverse CEO

Polyverse Corporation today announced the immediate availability of Polyscripting for…

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Control Block Design via the EditorPlus WordPress Plugin – WordPress Tavern

Last week, as I was making the final edits on a review of his Gutenberg Forms project, Munir Kamal was prepping for the launch of another kind of WordPress plugin for the block editor. This one was called EditorPlus, and it would create a design system for blocks. Kamal and his team quietly put the finishing touches on version 1.0 and released the plugin in the WordPress plugin repository a few days later.

Unlike many other plugins that create custom blocks to achieve specific design results, EditorPlus provides users with the flexibility to customize their pages with what they have…

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Personalisation of WordPress with Zephr – a practical overview (part 2)

In the first part of this two-part series, we considered the success of WordPress as a publishing platform, the benefits of choosing a best-of-breed architecture over a monolith, and we introduced Zephr as an identity and user journey orchestration platform that can be layered over WordPress to deliver immediate business value for B2B publishers.

In this second and last part of the series, we’ll take a more practical look at an implementation both from architectural and user journey perspectives before considering the net effect of this approach.

Illustrative example of a typical Zephr…

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Hundreds of Sites Now Earn Crypto Trading Fees: Exchange WordPress Plugin Sees 300 Active Installs

A couple of months ago, a new WordPress (WP) plugin launched that allows anyone to host a digital currency trading platform. With the application, WP website owners can earn fees from various crypto asset trades. The developer of the plugin called “Wpcryptoexchange” tweeted on June 19, that there are now 300 active installs of his Crypto Exchange WordPress plugin.

On April 22, 2020, news.Bitcoin.com reported on a new platform called the “Wpcryptoexchange” or the Crypto Exchange WordPress plugin. For now, the application allows people to trade various cryptocurrencies including ETH,…

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This WordPress plugin streamlines project management and accounting – Android Central

Back to the future

The early days of Android smartwatches were pretty hit or miss

Smartwatches have been a pipedream for aspiring secret agents, affluent tech nerds, lovers of all things sci-fi, and so many more, for a very long time. Android seemed like a fitting platform to begin bringing the future to our wrists. In the beginning, smartwatches were sometimes big and weird, but also some of them were the best we’ve ever had.

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This WordPress plugin streamlines project management and accounting – iMore

app clap back

Microsoft’s Brad Smith calls out Apple’s App Store policies

Microsoft’s chief legal officer, Brad Smith, spoke about app store policies and the “toll” developers need to pay to be in app stores. Smith was referring to Apple’s App Store, which is in the spotlight from both the EU and the House antitrust subcommittee.

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WebDevStudios Releases Block Scaffolding Tool for Developers – WordPress Tavern

WebDevStudios released its custom block scaffolding tool to the public on Tuesday. It is a fork of the core WordPress script, which was rolled out in February alongside Gutenberg 7.4. The goal is to allow plugin developers to get started building without all the tedious setup required to build even the most basic block.

The script is available as an npm package titled @webdevstudios/block. One of the differences between the core package and this one is the addition of the WebDevStudios custom CSS, JavaScript, and PHP coding standards. It makes use of the WDS Block Starter project to…

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How to Migrate WordPress From Localhost to Live Server? – Techiexpert.com – TechiExpert.com

Great, you are done developing and testing your WordPress website on your local setup. You have ironed out all the problems and are happy with the results.

What next? The next step is to make it live, so your users can get to it.

The big question is, ‘How do you go about migrating your WordPress site from your localhost to the live server?’ Well, that is what this article is all about. We will cover two ways to help you publish your WordPress website:

  1. Using a plugin
  2. Manually

We recommend the first method as it is easy for both techies and the not-so-tech-savvy. Also,…

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Reimagining WordPress Safety and Speed

Hackers are getting smarter, and over 70% of WordPress websites today are vulnerable to malicious attacks. A huge part of the blame falls on outdated software. Apart from security, one of the biggest WordPress challenges today is speed.

Various things can cause WordPress websites to slow down, but overloaded or improperly configured web hosting servers is a big part of the problem.

Slow website speed

Slow servers can seriously damage your website’s speed and loading times which doesn’t impress potential customers. A 2017 research study shows that 53% of mobile website visitors…

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WooCommerce 4.3 Beta Available for Testing – WordPress Tavern

The first beta for WooCommerce 4.3 was released yesterday. The team behind the popular eCommerce plugin added a new homepage screen, updated the product grid blocks, and is pushing users to update their version of PHP.

Users who want to test the latest beta version can do so by grabbing the ZIP file from WordPress.org and uploading it to their site. They can also install and activate the WooCommerce Beta Tester plugin to switch between versions.

The WooCommerce team plans to make the first release candidate available on June 23. If all goes well over the following two weeks, the…

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