Apple Blocks WordPress Updates to Force IAP Support

Apple has been under a meticulous dissection since Tim Sweeney lashed out at them. The CEO of Epic Games voiced his opinion against its thumping tax on in-app purchases.

Yet another episode has further strained Apple’s relationship with developers. WordPress founding developer Matt Mullenweg has accused Apple of cutting off updates for the app or ‘locking the app up’. This will continue until WordPress includes in-app purchases so that the biggest company in the world can milk a 30 percent cut of the money.

Apple: Yet Another Episode

Matt Mullenweg took…

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Apple’s At It Again, This Time With WordPress

Apple blocked updates to the WordPress blogging app until it added in-app payments for plan upgrades so that Apple can receive a 30 percent cut.

“Heads up on why WordPress for iOS updates have been absent,” WordPress’s Matt Mullenweg tweeted. “We were locked by [the Apple] App Store. To be able to ship updates and bug fixes again we had to commit to support[ing] in-app purchases for .com plans.”

Yes, it’s gotten this silly: In the past, Apple simply allowed services with free and paid options to not advertise the paid options inside their apps. But now Apple is going after…

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New Plugin Displays WordPress Environment Type for Admins – WordPress Tavern

One of the minor but useful additions to WordPress 5.5 is the new wp_get_environment_type() function. It makes it possible for plugin and theme authors to do some interesting things based on whether a site is identified as staging, development, production, or some other custom environment type. In discussion on the original trac ticket, Marius Jensen suggested a few ways this function could be useful:

  • It’s a function used for grabbing the current environment, this is to ensure everyone fetches the values the same way (to avoid using different terms and such).
  • Outbound…

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WordPress for iOS Was Blocked From Updating Unless it Agreed to Add In-App Purchases for .Com Plans

Apple is requiring the WordPress for iOS app to implement in-app purchase options for its .com plans, and prevented the app from getting updates until the development team agreed to add the feature, WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg said on Twitter today.

Mullenweg says the WordPress iOS App was “locked” and to push updates and bug fixes, the company had to agree to add support for in-app purchase plans. There was an update released 19 hours ago after three weeks of no updates, so it appears WordPress has committed to introducing in-app purchase options.

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Web Stories WordPress Plugin: 9 Must-Know SEO Tips

Web Stories for WordPress is a new plugin developed by Google.

The plugin allows you to create full-screen, tappable, and engaging visual stories that are powered by AMP technology.

To Web Stories for WordPress plugin installation process is simple.

Navigate to the official website, download the .zip file, then within WordPress select Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.

I’ve now spent many hours testing out the Web Stories for WordPress plugin by Google.

There were a lot of obstacles along the way that I struggled to find answers to at the time.

This post outlines nine areas that I wish I knew…

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The ultimate guide to WordPress user management

There’s nothing more complicated for webmasters than to manage their website users. If your website or eCommerce solution users aren’t managed correctly, they can inflict site-breaking damage and loosen up tight security protocols.

While WordPress user management is vitally important, you also have to be able to run your business. You do not want to spend most of your time actively managing your users. That drains your resources and time. You have to use the right tools to automated as much as you can so you can focus on the business.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. By adhering to…

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WordPress 5.5 has a huge flaw and it is breaking websites

Well, recently WordPress came up with WordPress 5.5, there is a huge problem which users are experiencing after upgrading to WordPress 5.5

Image Source: WPBegineer

What is the issue?

There are two main issues. First is, WordPress has depreciated the support for jQuery and second, there is an issue with pagination. Let’s have a look at what these two exactly are?

The jQuery issue

jQuery migrate is a javascript library. This library helps in linking the data or code of your sites on the previous versions to your site on the latest version.

The problem begins if you are using an old…

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WooCommerce 4.4 Updates Blocks and Centralizes Coupon Management – WordPress Tavern

Yesterday, Automattic dropped version 4.4 of its popular WooCommerce plugin. The new release is a minor update with the biggest changes around the plugin’s blocks and coupon management in the admin. Two dozen people made 450 contributions to the release.

The WooCommerce team brought several updates to the plugin’s blocks. The biggest user-facing change is that the blocks will now use the WooCommerce thumbnail size instead of loading the full-sized image. This change means that images will respect the product image size settings that users can set via the WooCommerce > Product…

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WP Rig Starter Theme Project Looking for New Maintainers – WordPress Tavern

A couple of years ago, Morten Rand-Hendriksen launched WP Rig for WordPress. The goal was to bring a modern starter theme and build process to the theme development community. Now, he and the current team are hoping to find someone new to keep the project moving. Whoever is chosen will gain outright ownership of the project.

Rand-Hendriksen will be hosting a Zoom meeting on Friday, August 21 at 8 am PST. The meeting is planned to last 30 minutes with a possible additional 30 minutes for a Q&A session. He will update the WP Rig blog with the format and agenda for the meeting this…

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Pro Tips to Make Your WordPress Site Better

Since it is so easy to get started with WordPress, many entrepreneurs and business owners create badly-optimized websites to serve their needs. Although these websites are acceptable for early stages of a business, as the site grows and expands, the bad optimizations and the amateur development becomes quite clear.

You have two options at this juncture – you either hire professional developers – for example, Acclaim will convert your sketch project into responsive HTML page WordPress website – or you implement tips that help improve the site’s performance and…

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