Official AMP for WordPress Plugin Updated to Version 2.0

Version 2.0 of the Official AMP for WordPress plugin is now available and comes with a number of useful features for site owners.

The plugin is designed to offer essential tools to assist with the creation of AMP content.

WordPress site owners can use the plugin to build lightning fast pages while minimizing the amount of resources needed

The update from V1 to V2 brings some major upgrades. Here’s a rundown of what’s available.

Features in Version 2.0 of Official AMP for WordPress Plugin

Version 2.0 of the plugin offers the following features.

Updates to Reader Mode

AMP-first themes

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Elementor 3.0 Allows Users to Create a Personalized Design System – WordPress Tavern

Elementor version 3.0 was launched on Tuesday. This release is the first major update to the plugin in over two years and is one of the largest upgrades in its history. The new version focuses on a design system, a new theme builder, and performance improvements. The driving motivation behind this release was to create global design tools, which is a shift from the plugin’s roots as a mere page builder.

One of my biggest complaints about builder plugins is that they have often approached design on the individual page level first. However, web design is not about how you can fancy…

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Vipe Studio – A WordPress Agency Helps Clients Win

SOFIA, BULGARIA / ACCESSWIRE / August 27, 2020 / The WordPress company Vipe Studio, whose founder Ivan Popov has over 10 years of experience in creating websites, is using the popular CMS platform to build high-end and highly customized WordPress websites, online stores and any necessary website in particular.

Production of a website and online shop

Vipe Studio offers all types of web services – web design, creating an online store, WordPress website, graphic design, online security and a managed web hosting.

Why do people prefer to build websites with WordPress?

One of the most frequently…

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WordPress 5.5 Sitemap Bug Causes 404 Errors

A WordPress 5.5 sitemap bug was reported that affects some sites with native WordPress sitemaps. The bug creates non-existent XML sitemap pages. The issue has been officially confirmed.

Sitemap Pagination Bug

Screenshot of WordPress 5.5 bug report

The WordPress bug affects websites sitemaps that are generated by the WordPress core. The bug affects websites that have so many pages that they need more than one XML site map.

According to the bug report, the sitemaps can look like this example:


But when you click on the post-2.xml or post-3.xml link…

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9 Best WordPress GDPR Plugins to Stay Onside of the Law

Are you looking for an easy way to make your WordPress site GDPR compliant? Many WordPress plugins can help you create a privacy policy, track and display the cookies your website uses, and give visitors the option to view and delete their data from your site. Here are nine plugins you can use to stay GDPR-compliant with your WordPress website.

The Best WordPress GDPR Plugins

WordPress plugins make it reasonably easy to meet the GDPR requirements and protect the privacy of your visitors’ data. GDPR applies to everyone, even if you’re not based in the EU. Even just web traffic coming from…

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Drupal vs WordPress: The Better Choice For Your Startup

Bluehost promotes its WordPress Hosting with ‘Powering The Creators’ campaign, Marketing & Advertising News, ET BrandEquity

Bluehost promotes its WordPress Hosting with ‘Powering The Creators’ campaign

Bluehost launched a new pan India, digital marketing campaign, named ‘Powering The Creators’, which includes a series of three films and introduces Bluehost and it’s power to accelerate online journey through usage and adoption of its WordPress hosting solution.

The campaign targets a pan India audience in multiple formats for online channels like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and highlights the key benefits of Bluehost that includes optimized WordPress experience.

Read also : ‘The challenge of marketing…

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Privacy-First Gravatar Replacement, Pixel Avatars Module Released for the Toolbelt WordPress Plugin – WordPress Tavern

Ben Gillbanks decided to put an old idea into motion. After the discussion over Gravatar privacy concerns and local avatars in WordPress reignited a couple of weeks ago, he went to work building Pixel Avatars, a generated avatar solution that requires no connection to a third-party service.

Gravatar solves a huge problem. It creates a global avatar so that users need to upload an image to only one site and carry it around the web with them. To use the service, sites must pass email addresses back to Automattic-owned, such as when a visitor leaves a comment. The…

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Hashtag Trending – Apple says sorry to WordPress; Making virtual events; Neuralink demo announced

Apple apologizes to WordPress, LinkedIn is chatty about virtual events, and Elon Musk says we can expect a Neuralink demo this week.

It’s all the tech news that’s popular right now. Welcome to Hashtag Trending! It’s Tuesday, August 25, and I’m your host Baneet Braich


Apple says sorry – and backs down from forcing WordPress into in-app purchases | ZDNet from technology



Apple has backed off from forcing WordPress into in-app purchases. Apple was initially wanting to block updates to the WordPress iOS app until WordPress enabled in-app purchases that give Apple a 30% cut on…

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Renowned WordPress Core Contributor Mario Peshev Acquires WP-CRM System to Drive Business Development on World’s Largest Web Platform

Renowned WordPress Core Contributor Mario Peshev Acquires WP-CRM System to Drive Business Development on World’s Largest Web Platform

Banner Before Header

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