WordPress.com – Review 2020 – PCMag India

WordPress.com offers numerous website building, hosting, and blogging options at a reasonable price—it even has a free tier. Though it started life as a pure blogging play, and still includes blog community features, WordPress.com now handles most website building needs, including commerce, social integrations, and mobile presentation. The service lacks the drag-and-drop simplicity that many competing services offer, but it’s a solid, low-cost option for people who want to get online relatively quickly.

From the outset, it’s important to make clear that WordPress.com is not…

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Get the WordPress ft Elementor & WooCommerce Master Class Bundle for just $29.99

Today’s highlighted deal comes via our Online Courses section of the Neowin Deals store, where you can save 97% off this WordPress ft Elementor & WooCommerce Master Class Bundle. With 14 hours of content led by best selling instructor Alexander Oni, you’ll be able to master the art of using word press and plugins for building a variety of websites.

What’s the deal?

This buindle consists of the following courses:

  1. Elementor Master Class 2020
    Learn How to Build a Full Website Blog with Elementor — No Coding Skills Required
  2. The Complete WooCommerce Master Class…

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New Gatsby Source WordPress Plugin Now in Beta – WordPress Tavern

Gatsby announced its new source plugin (v4) for WordPress is now in beta. The plugin has been completely revamped to improve headless WordPress setups where Gatsby powers the frontend. It also integrates with Gatsby Cloud to provide real-time previews and incremental builds.

The Gatsby team has had a long journey towards creating an integration for WordPress sites that would satisfy more complex use cases. There are currently three different avenues for using Gatsby with WordPress, each with different benefits and drawbacks:

  • Gatsby Source WordPress + WP REST API
  • Gatsby…

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Goodbye, ManageWP.org; Hello, WP Content – WordPress Tavern

Yesterday, Iain Poulson and Ashley Rich launched community-curated, news-sharing site WP Content. The launch comes on the heels of ManageWP.org shutting down its own news-sharing service and the WordPress community losing out on a valuable resource.

Both Poulson and Rich are based in the UK and work for Delicious Brains, a development company that focuses on building products for WordPress. Their new venture was met with enthusiasm when Poulson first announced it on Twitter.

Homepage of WPContent.io.

Long before I was a writer for WP Tavern and needed to keep an eye out for…

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Daily Deal: The WordPress Master Class Bundle ft. Elementor & WooCommerce

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The WordPress Master Class Bundle featuring Elementor and WooCommerce has 7 courses to help you master the art of using WordPress and plugins for building a variety of websites. Elementor is one of the very best and most popular plugins for building pages in WordPress, and comes with a variety of widgets and elements making it very easy to build any kind of web page without using any code. WooCommerce is a plugin to help you build your own online store. Other courses cover how to build a business website, how to build a jobs board, how to build a…

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Drupal 9 Released, WordPress Gutenberg 8.3 Available and More Open Source News

Drupal 9.0.0 is finally here after nearly five years of development. The new release is said to be more usable, accessible, inclusive, flexible, and scalable than previous versions of the platform. The standout feature of Drupal 9 is its ability to provide an easy upgrade from Drupal 8. 

Unlike past major releases, Drupal 9 doesn’t reinvent the platform. Instead, the new version was built within Drupal 8 and is very similar to the Drupal 8.9 minor release. That means all new Drupal 9-ready code was already deployed on Drupal 8 sites before the release.

This incremental approach…

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15 Best Free WordPress Themes in 2020 (Optimized for Gutenberg)

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WordPress has undergone a huge transition in terms of how it handles the seemingly basic task of content editing. We’ve gone all-in on “blocks” and “block-based” website organization. Overall, this is a good direction for the platform. However, you might be asking:

“Okay, what does it all have to do with me?” Well, if your current WordPress theme is outdated, you’re losing out on the cool new features available in the more recent versions of WordPress. Your theme is simply not ready to handle…

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Why WordPress Still Considered as a Competitor Among Other CMS?

Learn How to Build Amazing WordPress Sites for Only $30 Right Now

Chances are you’ve heard of WordPress, the larger than life CMS that powers around 37% of all websites online. Whether you want to build a simple blog, create a successful online store, or design sites for other people, it makes sense to learn this CMS. The WordPress ft Elementor & WooCommerce Master Class Bundle helps you do just that, with 14 hours of training. You can pick up the bundle now for just $29.99 at the XDA Developers Depot.

One of the great strengths of WordPress is the choice of plugins. In seconds, you can bolt on amazing features without writing a single line of code. 

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5 essential Plugins for A Fresh WordPress Site

Have you stepped into the world of blogging recently and chosen WordPress as your Content management system? Well, I appreciate you for making an amazing choice as WordPress is one of the best platforms for publishing web content.

It gives you better security, themes, customizations, and has a huge library of plugins that makes it easier for you to publish content on the world wide web easily. While starting a new site, it necessary to have some plugins to make the site ready for submitting to the Google search console and for indexing.

Some essential plugins include that…

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