You Can Now Turn Your Blog Posts Into Tweetstorms announced a new feature that lets you share entire blog posts as Twitter threads, helping you amplify your content beyond WordPress.

In July, Automattic announced a new feature that lets blog owners easily bring Twitter threads (aka Tweetstorms) into their content. The company is announcing the opposite – a feature that lets bloggers publish their posts on Twitter. Every word, image, and video will also be carried over to Twitter as part of a single thread.

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Turning your entire WordPress post into a…

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WordPress Themes Need a Modern Onboarding and Importing Tool – WordPress Tavern

Image credit: on Pexels.

Starter content. It was a grand idea, one of those big dreams of WordPress. It was the new kid on the block in late 2016. Like the introduction of post formats in 2011, the developer community was all in for at least that particular release version. Then, it was on to the next new thing, with the feature dropping off the radar for all but the most ardent evangelists.

Some of us were burned over the years, living and dying by the progress of features that we wanted most.

Released in WordPress 4.7, starter content has since seemed to be…

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WordPress Now Lets You Share Your Entire Blog Post to Twitter

If you are someone who cross-posts content from WordPress to Twitter, there is good news. WordPress has now made it easier than ever before to share your blog post on Twitter. According to the company, you can now transform your blog post to a Twitter thread with just two extra clicks.

Through this new feature, you can share the entire contents of a WordPress post to Twitter, including images, videos, and embeds. However, do keep in mind that you can do this only when you’re publishing a new post. In other words, the feature doesn’t work with old blog posts that you have already…

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Are Block-Based Widgets Ready To Land in WordPress 5.6? – WordPress Tavern

Two weeks ago, the Gutenberg team put out an open call for block-based widgets feedback. I had already written a lengthy review of the new system earlier in September but was asked by a member of the team to share my thoughts on the most recent iteration. With the upcoming freeze for WordPress 5.6 Beta 1 just a week away, I figured it would not hurt to do another deep dive.

For reference, my latest testing is against version 9.2.0-alpha-172f589 of the Gutenberg plugin, which was a build from earlier today. Gutenberg development moves fast, but everything should be accurate to that…

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WordPress Adds Option to Publish Entire Blog Posts as Twitter Threads

I want to start this post by noting that we do not endorse this activity, and we take no responsibility for people flooding Twitter with ridiculously long tweet threads which would have been better left as blog posts. 

That said, WordPress has this week added new functionality that will enable users to re-publish entire WordPress blog posts as tweet threads, “with just two extra clicks”.

As you can see here, the new process will essentially convert your WordPress blog post into a tweet thread. Any images or videos you include in your post will be added into the thread, in relation to…

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WordPress can now turn blog posts into tweetstorms automatically – TechCrunch

Earlier this year, WordPress .com introduced an easier way to post your Twitter threads, also known as tweetstorms, to your blog with the introduction of “unroll” option for Twitter embeds. Today, the company is addressing the flip side of tweetstorm publication — it’s making it possible to turn your existing WordPress blog post into a tweetstorm with just a couple of clicks.

The new feature will allow you to tweet out every word of your post, as well as the accompanying images and videos, the company says. These will be automatically inserted into the thread where they…

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Why Your WordPress Website And Blogs Need Backup? | #KhabarLive Hyderabad

Own a WordPress website or blog, then lend all your ears hear. Being a full-time or part-time blogger, you might have put your heart and soul into your blogging website. You might have built your website with your dedicated time, energy, and efforts in choosing the theme, design, etc. Would you want a single blow to destroy your whole dream website?

No, right 

In the middle of choosing the theme and plugin, you forgot to take a backup of your blogs. Do have you any idea that how a single malware attack can ruin your whole blogging site. Not only a malware…

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How to Run Automated Lighthouse Audits on WordPress Changes

You are probably familiar with this scenario.

You put a lot of work to drastically improve the page speed and PageSpeed Insights scores of your client’s site.

Mobile scores are particularly challenging to improve!

How to Run Automated Lighthouse Audits on WordPress Changes

Your client installs a new app or plugin and all your work goes down the drain.

How to Run Automated Lighthouse Audits on WordPress Changes

Can we go lower than 1?

How to Run Automated Lighthouse Audits on WordPress Changes

This is a frustrating, but sadly common situation.

Fortunately, there is a version of Google Lighthouse that can perform audits on demand.


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It is called Lighthouse CI.

How to Run Automated Lighthouse Audits on WordPress Changes

CI stands for Continuous Integration, which is a common practice in software…

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Statistics highlight the biggest source of WordPress vulnerabilities

We all know that plenty of WordPress sites are getting hacked each year. Is it because WordPress is an insecure system? Is it a global WordPress issue, or does it come from those webmasters’ actions? How, and why is it happening?

Whether you are running a personal blog, business website, or an eCommerce site on WordPress, the security of your website should be a priority. There can be many reasons due to which your site’s security is compromised. The most common reasons are weak passwords, users mistakes, outdated software and missing security updates.

In this article we use the…

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InMotion Hosting's Amy Kamala Selected for WordPress 5.6 All-Women Release Squad – Yahoo Finance


Wells Fargo: These 3 “Strong Buy” Stocks Have Over 70% Upside Potential

Markets are on a roller coaster lately, up one day and down the next, as Wall Street’s pros and investors alike try to make sense of the constantly shifting news cycle. To wit: In the first week of October, we’ve seen a pretty good September jobs report, President Trump spend three days at Walter Reed Hospital with a case of COVID-19, and on his discharge the President withdrew from negotiations with House Democrats on a new COVID economic stimulus package. It’s enough to make your head spin.It’s…

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