Pocket Casts is acquired by Automattic, parent company of WordPress

On Friday, Automattic announces that Pocket Casts, a fully-featured podcast listening app that’s been around for years, will be joining WordPress’ parent company.

As part of Automattic, Pocket Casts will continue to provide you with the features needed to enjoy your favorite podcasts (or find something new). We will explore building deep integrations with WordPress.com and Pocket Casts, making it easier to distribute and listen to podcasts. We’re thrilled that we can continue to give our users a multitude of ways to tell and engage with stories that matter.

It seems that…

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How to Create a Quiz or Survey Form in WordPress

There’s no better way to discover users’ demands and needs than to get their feedback about your product or services. Setting up a WordPress survey is the best way to get a response from your audience.

Surveys consist of a series of questions that users fill up according to their experience with your service. Listening to your visitor is a great way to make sure you are giving them what they want.

In this article, we’ll go through the step-by-step process of how to create and manage surveys on your WordPress website.

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Edupack Is Tackling Higher Ed With WordPress, Looking for Development Partners – WP Tavern

“We’re basically building the Jetpack for Higher Ed,” said Blake Bertuccelli as he pitched me on the idea of Edupack, a project still in its early stages.

He and his team are looking for more advisors to join the eighth round of their once-monthly braintrust events. It is a project they began in November 2020, now coming to fruition. Feedback is crucial to pushing such undertakings out of the gate, and the team needs more of it.

Bertuccelli listed several focal points for the Edupack project:

  • Onboarding: New campus users can set up a beautiful campus WordPress site with…

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WordPress 5.8 Media Library Changes You Should Know About – WP Tavern

It is hard not to look through a list of upcoming WordPress 5.8 changes and not find at least a little something to whet your appetite. With so many enhancements headed our way, even we have not been able to keep up with them all here at WP Tavern. The next release will bring a few much-needed media-related upgrades.

Users should enjoy WebP image format support and a copy-to-clipboard button on the media upload screen. Developers have a new hook for filtering the image output format, and the platform is dropping infinite scrolling.

WordPress 5.8 is scheduled to ship on July 20,…

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An Overview of Basic WordPress Hardening

We have discussed in the past how out-of-the-box security configurations tend to not be very secure. This is usually true for all software and WordPress is no exception.

While there are a plethora of different ways that site owners can lock down their website, in this post we are going to review the most basic hardening mechanisms that WordPress website owners can employ to improve their security. We will also review the pros and cons of these different tactics.

Locking Down wp-admin

Let’s start with the basic administrator login page of WordPress:

The WordPress login page is – by…

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WooCommerce Patches Critical Vulnerability, Sending Forced Security Update from WordPress.org – WP Tavern

WooCommerce has patched an unspecified, critical vulnerability identified on July 13, 2021, by a security researcher through Automattic’s HackerOne security program. The vulnerability impacts versions 3.3 to 5.5 of the WooCommerce plugin, as well as version 2.5 to 5.5 of the WooCommerce Blocks feature plugin.

“Upon learning about the issue, our team immediately conducted a thorough investigation, audited all related codebases, and created a patch fix for every impacted version (90+ releases) which was deployed automatically to vulnerable stores,” WooCommerce Head of…

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10 Top WordPress Plugins Every Designer Should Know About

• 6 minutes READ

If you have a WordPress website you already have a good idea of how much this website-building platform has to offer in terms of flexibility, customization, and overall performance.

Because WordPress is open-source it has been able to profit from an endless supply of developer-created themes and plugins. They have contributed to making WordPress the most popular website-building engine on the web. With respect to the plugins, the good news is that there are so many good ones to choose from.


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InstaWP Launches New Service for Disposable WordPress Testing Sites – WP Tavern

Competition in the sandboxing products space is heating with the entrance of InstaWP, a new service for setting up disposable WordPress testing sites. Founder Vikas Singhal created the tool to provide a quick way to set up live testing sites online or to show something to a client or team.

InstaWP joins the ranks of services like TasteWP and WPSandbox but with a few unique options. At setup, users can select from WordPress versions back to 4.7 and may even choose to spin up a site using the latest beta or release candidate. Like other services, InstaWP allows you to choose your PHP…

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WordPress 5.8 Puts a Powerful Image-Editing Tool Into Users’ Hands – WP Tavern

Features such as the upcoming block-based widgets system, the template editor, theme-related blocks, and others have taken up much of the spotlight as of late. However, one of the best user-focused tools shipping with WordPress 5.8 is a duotone filter for Image and Cover blocks.

The term “duotone” in this sense means combining two colors as a filter. Then, layering it over an image or video. More specifically, one color is used for the shadows (dark elements), and the second color is used for the highlights (light colors).

When the feature first landed in Gutenberg 10.6 back…

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How to Add a Pincode Checker to Your WordPress Website

There is no denying that the eCommerce industry is flourishing. But not every seller targets a worldwide audience and some even restrict themselves to only a few states.

If you deliver products only to specific locations, and your website runs on WordPress, you can add a pincode check on the website to limit selling products to these areas.

In this article, we’ll go through the steps to set up a pincode checker on your website and restrict your sales based on a customer’s location.

What Are Pincode…

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