Is Your Site SEO-Friendly? 6 WordPress SEO Tips for a Better Ranking

WordPress and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) go together like peanut butter and jelly. SEO is an integral part of WordPress websites that allows them to become visible on the web and attract new users.

With 91 percent of people finding information on the internet through search engines, this should be a significant focus for anyone looking to increase the amount of traffic to their website.

Luckily, there are a few WordPress SEO tricks you can utilize to help boost your rankings.

Keep reading this guide to learn the best WordPress SEO tips that will give your website an…

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WordPress 5.6 Release Team Pulls the Plug on Block-Based Widgets – WordPress Tavern

Current block-based widgets admin screen design.

I was wrong. I assured our readers that “the block-based widget system will be ready for prime time when WordPress 5.6 lands” in my previous post on the new feature’s readiness. I also said that was on the condition of not trying to make it work with the customizer — that experience was still broken. However, the 5.6 team pulled the plug on block-based widgets for the second time this year.

One week ago, WordPress 5.6 release lead Josepha Haden seemed to agree that it would be ready. However, things can change quickly in a…

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Start dropshipping on WordPress is easy, with the all-in-one plugin released by Yakkyofy · Wall Street Call

Oct 20, 2020 2:00 PM ET

Google and Drupal Partner Up, WordPress Releases Updates and More Open Source News


The Drupal Association recently announced a new partnership with Google. With this partnership, both Google and Drupal aim at improving owner success, user experience, and building a more secure web altogether. To do that, Google and Drupal will roll out webinars and case studies to the Drupal Community and will gather feedback on the community’s needs. Google will provide the community with collaborative programming tools and the chance to give input on Google tools and initiatives. 

Say Hello to WordPress 5.5.1

A few months after releasing WP 5.5 Eckstine, the…

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Past Twenty* WordPress Themes To Get New Block Patterns – WordPress Tavern

Mel Choyce-Dwan, the Default Theme Design Lead for WordPress 5.6, kick-started 10 tickets around two months ago that would bring new features to the old default WordPress themes. The proposal is to add unique block patterns, a feature added to WordPress 5.5, to all of the previous 10 Twenty* themes. It is a lofty goal that could breathe some new life into old work from the previous decade.

Currently, only the last four themes are marked for an update by the time WordPress 5.6 lands. Previous themes are on the list to receive their block patterns in a future release. For developers…

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Picking a WordPress host for your website

When building a website, there are a lot of factors to take into account. But even if you have an existing website you can still make changes to optimize it, especially if that website is your business. Before COVID there was already a lot of reliance on websites for things like hours, offerings, and even e-commerce, but the shift to e-commerce because of the pandemic has meant that businesses are spending more time than ever-improving their websites. Customers want to know up-to-date information and to be…

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Vulnerability in WordPress plugin TI WooCommerce Wishlist could allow full site takeover

Flaw in popular add-on allows any logged-in customer to achieve admin status

A critical vulnerability in a WordPress plugin with more than 70,000 active installations could grant an attacker full administrative access, including the ability to modify and takeover a site’s database.

The bug in TI WooCommerce Wishlist has been patched in the latest version (1.21.12). Users are being urged to update as soon as possible, as the vulnerability is currently being exploited in the wild.

Security researchers from NinTechNet described how a lack of a…

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The best website hosting for WordPress 2020

Looking for the best website hosting for WordPress sites? Then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out all about WordPress hosting, why you need it, and who the best providers are. is the website building software that powers around a third of the web, and there are many good reasons for that. First, the software itself is free to download. Secondly, you don’t need to understand code to use it. And thirdly, there are lots of free resources to help you learn WordPress, not to mention a thriving community to ask for advice.

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Facebook And Instagram Dropping Embedded Content Support On WordPress Sites

Facebook and Instagram embedded content will soon break on WordPress websites unless owners generate an app ID with a developer account.

If you’ve got a WordPress website and you regularly embed Facebook or Instagram content on it, you’ll have to read carefully, as this affects you. Facebook is updating its Graph API, requiring site owners to get a developer account and app ID to continue using Facebook and Instagram oEmbeds.

As a result, WordPress will also be removing Facebook as an oEmbed provider in its upcoming core release.

Related | Facebook Removes 28-Day Attribution Model From…

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Using the Web Stories for WordPress Plugin? You Better Play By Google’s Rules – WordPress Tavern

Web Stories dashboard screen in WordPress.

What comes as a surprise to few, Google has updated its content guidelines for its Web Stories format. For users of its recently-released Web Stories for WordPress plugin, they will want to follow the extended rules for their Stories to appear in the “richer experiences” across Google’s services. This includes the grid view on Search, Google Images, and Google Discover’s carousel.

Google released its Web Stories plugin in late September to the WordPress community. It is a drag-and-drop editor that allows end-users to create…

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