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6 Reasons to Use WordPress For a Student Start-Up


Reasons to Use WordPress

Quite a few of the world’s biggest companies began as student start-ups. Think about Facebook and Snapchat, Dell and Google, and many more – you can probably name them off the top of your head. Chances are, you are also eager to follow suit and become a proud founder of the next big thing. 

And you are not alone, too. Students around the world are getting more and more engaged in entrepreneurship, inspired by the examples mentioned above. With the world’s best universities becoming the leading business hubs, student start-ups are bound to thrive further. 

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“Vicious” WordPress Plugin Bug Could Erase Your Whole Site – Bestgamingpro


Researchers have aided update a high-severity security flaw in a popular WordPress plugin, which may be exploited to completely wipe and reset any vulnerable WordPress website.

The vulnerability is located in the Hashthemes Demo Importer plugins, which claim more than 8,000 active installations and is meant to allow administrators to import demos for WordPress themes with a single click.

The vulnerability allows any authenticated intruder, even a subscriber-level user with minimal capabilities, to reset WordPress sites by deleting virtually all of the databases and uploading a…

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