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Building a website is a big task. It can be an even bigger task if you are not familiar with the process or the tools needed to make it happen. WordPress is a popular content management system that can help you get your website up and running in no time. In addition, many other features and plugins can help make your website stand out from the rest. 

A recent survey of CMS systems found that WordPress is the most popular system in use today. This is likely due to its ease of use and the number of themes and plugins available for download. 

If you are…

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The Dream of Exporting WordPress Block Themes from the Site Editor Is Close to Reality – WP Tavern

I have said it before, but it bears repeating: the next generation of WordPress theme authors will design from the site editor. It seems that Gutenberg project contributors are making good on my promise.

Earlier today, I exported a WordPress theme from the site editor.

Exporting the Twenty Twenty-Two theme.

The resulting ZIP file seemed to include all the necessary bits to upload and activate like any other theme.

This was a feature that I had been waiting on for months. It is a significant step toward the idea of not only democratizing publishing but bringing that same…

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WordPress Developer – IT-Online

We have an amazing opportunity for a WordPress Developer in Cape Town!

We require a candidate with:

  • Strong working knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript
  • Understanding of WordPress, PHP, jQuery, HTML, SCSS
  • Design experience with Sketch or Figma

Should you meet the requirements for this position, please email your CV to [Email Address Removed]. You can also contact the IT team on [Phone Number Removed]; or alternatively you can visit our website [URL Removed]

Should you not hear from us within 3 days, please consider your application unsuccessful.

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Does WordPress Need 1,000s of Block Themes in the Era of Full Site Editing? – WP Tavern

“I have so many design ideas in my head that I am about to make it my mission to singlehandedly fulfill [Matt Mullenweg’s] vision of 5,000 Full Site Editing #WordPress themes in the directory,” tweeted Brian Gardner earlier today.

Daniel Schutzsmith responded:

I’m just not seeing the need for more than one theme for FSE as long as I can override the look of it.

Would appreciate someone explaining why one theme like @frostwp COULDN’T just be the standard.

Making more themes feels like it defeats the concept of FSE altogether.

It is not the first time someone asked whether…

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Koji Launches New Block Plugin for WordPress – WP Tavern

Koji, a popular “link in bio” platform that provides apps to the creator economy, has launched a WordPress plugin for the block editor. The San Diego-based startup has raised $36.1M, most recently securing $20M in a funding round led by Jump Capital. Koji has attracted 150,000 users since its official launch in March 2021. It offers a way for creators on TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, and other social media platforms to monetize their followings.

“WordPress, along with the bloggers and creators it supports, is a cornerstone of the modern creator economy,” Koji CEO Dmitry Shapiro…

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Creator Economy Platform Koji Announces WordPress Integration

“WordPress, along with the bloggers and creators it supports, is a cornerstone of the modern creator economy. This integration is a massive addition to the power and extensibility of WordPress, giving bloggers a frictionless and intuitive way to incorporate Koji mini apps in their content strategies,” said Dmitry Shapiro, Koji CEO.

The new plugin brings over 200 mini-apps to WordPress users, who can create and add these apps to WordPress posts, pages, and site elements via the Gutenberg block editor. Some examples of apps that can be added via the plugin include Tip Jars, Ask Me…

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Nearly 30% of critical WordPress plugin bugs don’t get a patch

Patchstack, a leader in WordPress security and threat intelligence, has released a whitepaper to present the state of WordPress security in 2021, and the report paints a dire picture.

More specifically, 2021 has seen a growth of 150% in the reported vulnerabilities compared to the previous year, while 29% of the critical flaws in WordPress plugins never received a security update.

This is alarming considering that WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, used in 43.2% of all websites out there.

Of all the reported flaws in 2021, only 0.58% were in WordPress core,…

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WordPress.com Announces Marketplace Vision and Plan To Partner With Developers in the WordPress Ecosystem – WP Tavern

Donna Cavalier announced the vision of WordPress.com’s marketplace earlier today via the site’s news blog. This future will include bringing more premium themes, plugins, and services to users. Automattic, the company behind the site, will be partnering with third-party developers to bring these commercial offerings to its customers.

Plugin developers, theme designers, and WordPress service providers can get on the early-access list by filling out the form on the announcement post.

In late January, WordPress.com announced a limited, in-house plugin marketplace. This was the…

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